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Instagram on Windows Phones Soon

Instagram on Windows Phones soon according to Chinese website WPDang.comAccording to a Chinese website which heard the news from a Portuguese tipster – yeah, it’s one of those “true” tech stories – you won’t have to wait long for Instagram on Windows Phones. That’s good news for all of the smart hipsters who didn’t buy into Apple’s domination of trendy electronics. And the report further claims that as an extra bonus for being so patient, the version of Instagram on Windows 8 Phone smartphones will come with an extra filter that Apple fanboys just can’t get.

And if you don’t know what Instagram is, you’ve been living under a rock – seriously. It’s a very popular app that, according to the Wall Street Journal has over 90 million active users. It allows simple photo manipulation through the addition of Photoshop-esque filters – the most popular being the vintage look editions.

Instagram on Windows Phones – an International Conspiracy?

The Chinese website WPDang is reporting that an observant photographer caught the Instagram icon displayed proudly on promotional materials for a new Windows Phone in Portugal. The icon appears on a Nokia Lumia’s Live Tiles screen and is very clearly represented – or photoshopped.

However, there is reason to believe this report. Recently Nokia released the #2InstaWithLove Windows Phone 8 app which Engadget calls a “Nokia’s backhanded loveslap to Instagram.” The app allows users to snap photos and apply a single Instagram-like filter which adds the hashtag #InstaWithLove to every photo. At first it seemed like this was just Nokia’s way of telling Instagram to get the ball rolling and put an app in the Windows Phone store already. However, when combined with the news from China, this app may be more than the “social media middle finger” that Engadget thinks it to be. It appears that the app may actually be a clever bit of viral pre-marketing to get the pump primed for when the Instagram app actually lands as one of the most popular Windows Phone 8 apps in the near future.

Coincidentally (or not) the #2InstaWithLove app is only available on the Nokia Lumia – that same Windows Phone 8 model displayed in the Portuguese promotional poster.

Info Source: BGR | Image Source: WPDang and Engadget

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