Corning Willow Glass display prototype

Corning Willow Glass Displays Still Future Tech

Corning Willow Glass is flexible and sturdy -- perfect for digital displaysCorning Willow Glass displays are the most exciting thing to hit mobile and touch technology since Gorilla Glass. Corning Willow Glass is essentially extremely flexible and rather unbreakable. It makes the perfect covering for any sort of display that might not take to kindly to shocks, pockets, and poundings – say phones and tablets. However, the company says that any commercial applications (at least in the form of screens for our tech gadgets – is at least three years away.

That’s not to say that the company is resigning Corning Willow Glass displays to the mythological drawing board from which nothing ever seems to come. Companies have had unrestricted access to the raw materials since June but no one has come up with a successful application in the PC/Smartphone market yet. Corning is in talks with some “very big name” companies instructing them on how to get the most from this leap in glass technology. That according to the company’s President James Clappin.

People just “are not accustomed to glass you roll up.” You got that right. But that didn’t stop Corning from dropping $800 million building a factory to make the stuff. With such a financial investment on the line you can bet we’re going to see something come from Corning Willow Glass – even if the company has to force-feed the technology market.

Corning Willow Glass Debuts Later This Year

Though actual displays made of this stuff are years off, the company has stated the certain Corning Willow Glass applications will make their commercial debut later this year. These will likely be in more mundane commercial products such as solar panels and non-portable displays.

Not as exciting as a roll-up cellphone but just as revolutionary. Meanwhile, the onus of rethinking how we use technology is on the big names like Apple and Google. Corning already has a working relation with the former and they’re courting the latter because Google’s Glass could be just the first in a new line of wearable computing devices. And when paired with Sony’s organic transistors the sky could be the limit.

Don’t expect to see keyboards built into your tee shirt anytime soon but if the roll-up keyboard is any indicator of people’s desire for more and more portable tech, Corning Willow Glass could revolutionize the world in which we live.
Info Source: Engadget | Image Source: Engadget and Cnet

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