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Twitter for Windows 8 Available Now

twitter for windows 8 snap featureTwitter has been rapidly growing since it was just an in-house communication tool but it’s relationships with third-party products and even “official” apps has been a little rocky as of late – see the rise and fall of Tweetdeck (both the standalone software and the IOS app) if you don’t believe me. So when Twitter for Windows 8 was announced it was with cautious excitement that we approached. Thankfully, it looks like the software is here to stay and it incorporates some features that integrate it more fluidly into the OS than has ever been possible. Windows guys will tell you it harnesses the power of the new operating system – I think Twitter just took clues from previous third-party integration attempts and ran with them.

Twitter for Windows 8 Features You’ll Love

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Twitter for Windows 8 software utilizes an integrated “Share” charm. This is easily accessible no matter what else you’re doing and allows you (with one click) to share your links, photos, and hate-filled rants flawlessly. There’s no more booting up a third-party application like Tweetdeck or having to log in to Twitter official. Just point, click, and post.

The next feature is also a handy one. It’ the Twitter for Windows 8 “Snap” feature. This allows you to easily condense you entire Twitter stream to a narrow column at the edge of the viewable screen. This sounds ridiculous at first but the more you use it, the more handy it becomes. For instance, you can easily have Twitter up and running yet still be working, watching videos, or just running rampant on the Internet. You don’t have to swap between windows or lose continuity.

The last feature is a bit of a bummer that, honestly, could have done with a little more tinkering. It’s the Twitter for Windows 8 “Discover” icon. The little pound sign (#) allows you to easily spot new info posted by your followers and followees as well as trends that are – well – trending. It sounds cool but you’re only able to use it sparingly and it doesn’t have the same built-in feel as the rest of this new software’s features.

Even with that flaw (and a minor one it is) Twitter for Windows 8 is probably the best Twitter software since Tweetdeck (or Seesmic if you’re on of “those” people).

Info and Image Source: The Next Web

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