Internet Explorer available for windows 7

Microsoft Brings Internet Explorer 10 to Windows 7

Internet Explorer has been steadily loosing market share and mind share to competitors like the Google Chrome and the Firefox, but with the launch of Internet Explorer 10 and Microsoft’s foray into the tablets and smartphone space, Internet Explorer does have the chance to pick up steam and become one of the widely used browsers.

Starting today,  Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10), the latest browser from Microsoft comes to Windows 7. IE 10 was initially available only for the Windows 8 OS. Users can now download and update your internet explorer from this link. If you already use the Internet Explorer 9, you should soon be prompted for an update to the new version over next few weeks.

Internet Explorer 10 looks and works similar to the Internet Explorer 9, but Microsoft claims that the new version of the browser is 20% faster than its predecessor. IE 10 also offers greater support for HTML 5 and CSS3 than its previous version which is good news for you developers out there looking to better optimize your website for Internet Explorer. Microsoft claims that it has added more than 60% support for the HTML5 capabilities which will see features like responsive web layouts, Web sockets, HTML 5 Forms and drag-and-drop pointer events for touch apps. IE 10 will ship with “Do Not Track” enabled by default which will offer better privacy and security for its users.

Browser market share from StatCounter - Internet Explorer 10

According to StatCounter, Internet Explorer 9 stands in the third place, well below Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But, when all versions of the Internet Explorer are combined, it is still the most popular in use today.

Microsoft is also coming out with a new video ad campaign featuring American Idol runner-up, Blake Lewis to promote the Internet Explorer 10. The video focuses on the touch support of the new browser and Windows 8, both of which are big bets for the company. See the ad embedded below.

The ad sends users to a new website dedicated to IE10 – The website demonstrates the touch  inputs, code samples and in-depth look at whats new in the Internet Explorer 10.

Microsoft is in a process of overhauling all its properties to its new vision of a touch based world of computing and Internet Explorer 10 plays a significant role in it.

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