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How to remove the hiberfil.sys file in Windows

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If you use a Windows Operating System(OS) you might notice a pretty big file “hiberfil.sys”. If you don’t notice well it might still be there and you’re giving up tons of hard drive space for a feature you possibly don’t use. The hiberfil.sys file is used by the hibernation feature in Windows. When your computer enters hibernation mode the OS copies all the contents in the RAM to the hard drive. By contents in RAM what I mean in everyday terms is whatever programs you have open the data is copied to the hard driver for when you resume the computer from hibernation. So the hiberfil.sys file can be rather huge and the more RAM your computer has the bigger the file. This sucks especially if you don’t use the hibernation feature and want the extra hard drive space back. So if that is the case I’m about to tell you how to reclaim space in Windows.

It is a pretty simple and quick process. First you need to open a command prompt with administrator privilege. So depending on the version of Windows you are running you might click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories and look for Command Prompt or you might just do a search for “Command Prompt”. Then right click the icon and choose “Run as Administrator”. It may ask you for the administrator’s password so make sure you know it. You will see a window like the one below open.


At the command prompt type powercfg -h off and hit enter. It will take a little bit of time to execute the command and then you will be back to the empty command prompt. Type exit and hit enter to close the window. The hibernation feature has now been diabled and the hiberfil.sys file is gone.

Ricky WilliamsHow to remove the hiberfil.sys file in Windows