93% of British PCs Are Still Sold With Windows 7

According to PC Pro, 93% of the computers in the UK are still being sold with Windows 7, even though Windows 8 has been available to OEMs since August 1st, 2012. Stores in the United States almost always go straight to the newest (and hopefully greatest) operating system upgrade the second they can lay their hands on it, but apparently that just isn’t the case in the UK. Either partnership policies there are different or they just got a ton of Windows 7 machines stockpiled once they saw the consumer preview of Windows 8.

In the report from PC Pro, Paul Redford – Chairman of Computer Planet stated that originally “when Windows 8 was first released” they sold systems standard with Windows 8 “per Microsoft’s request”. Redford went on to state that his customers began to “specify systems with Windows 7″. Customers would have the product delivered and then request to have it changed to Windows 7, which “became a nightmare” for the company. One unlisted computer company told PC Pro that only 7% of their new PC orders have left the factory with Windows 8, which is very sad for Windows 8.

Later in the article from PC Pro, one computer retailer stated that customers are often happy with Windows 8 once they learn to accept the changes. I have to agree that I very much agree with this. When I downloaded and ran the consumer preview of Windows 8, it literally lasted me less that 5 minutes before I shut it down and booted back into Windows 7, that’s how bad I disliked it. Now, granted there wasn’t much I could do with it since it was a consumer preview and no applications were available for it besides basic Microsoft demos, I was still upset that Microsoft had to once again go and completely change the design in order to make a new operating system.

I got to try the full stable release of Windows 8 back a couple of months ago when setting up a new machine for a friend, and I have to say that i actually somewhat enjoyed using it. I was actually somewhat thinking of putting it on my current desktop machine, but I never did because I usually only do an operating system upgrade when I’m doing a major component upgrade.


According to a Microsoft spokesperson who spoke to PC Pro, sales of Windows 8 licenses as a whole is similar to the sales trajectory of Windows 7. To date Windows 8 has sold 60 million licenses worldwide which is really a lot when you take into account that it has only been available to the general market for 3 months and PC sales as a whole (Mac OS and Windows combined) have been down for the most part lately. I think Windows 8 will live to see another day, but I just hope Windows 7 doesn’t get discontinued (from being sold) any time soon, because Windows 8 just doesn’t work for the average power user.

Paul Shirey

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