Creators of Raspberry Pi and Code.org Celebrate Programming

Today, the makers of Raspberry Pi celebrate their official first year anniversary of being in business, and as a tech geek of almost 25 years now, I for one couldn’t be happier.

With micro-computers like the Pi selling out nationwide it’s no wonder why the interest in programming and coding has risen so sharply in the past couple of years, and how just today YouTube featured a stylish video on the front page made by Code.org, an organization that aims to bring the tools necessary to learn coding into classrooms around the world. In the video we see rockstar CEOs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and that guy who founded Dropbox, ol’ whathisname, talking in very simple, yet optimistic terms about the power that programming has to give kids and adults an outlet for their creativity and ingenuity.

The first 10 seconds of the video say it all.


I think it’s great that we have campaigns like this to encourage kids to seek out avenues on computers that they might not think of otherwise. This generation is spending their entire lives in front of one screen or another, and much like is the natural way of things, they’re getting curious. After they’re done playing Angry Birds and using the Crayon app to draw funny pictures, they want to know what’s behind the piece of paper they’re painting on, what’s inside these birds that makes them so gosh darn upset all the time?

It’s no secret there is a fundamental difference in the way kids think from adults, and enabling that star-shaped sense of child-like wonder to explore coding languages is proving to be one of the most effective methods of reaching true progression in the field. It’s the youngest minds that seem to have the quickest rates of adaptation and understanding when it comes to learning how to program, and its that sort of resource we should be depending on to help us build a better tomorrow for the next generation and those to come.

Matthew Weber

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  • Billy

    It’s sad that Steve Jobs couldn’t program a computer himself…It’s okay though, he’s known for his hypocritical statements. He also quoted Picasso by saying “Good artists copy. Great Artists steal. That’s something we’ve been shameless about doing here at Apple.”