China Chooses Ubuntu as State-Sponsored OS

Ubuntu has officially been selected by the Chinese government as the backing architecture for their new statewide system. Canonical, an IT company responsible for several other government technology switches, seemed optimistic about the move.

“This collaboration will bring local investment and participation to ensure that the platform is relevant for the Chinese market, and close coordination with the global Ubuntu project ensures that it is familiar to software and hardware vendors, and useful for export products made by Chinese companies as well,” Canonical chief executive Jane Silber said in a statement.

A “CCN Open Source Innovation Joint Lab” has been formed in Beijing, for the purpose of bringing together engineers from various fields and having them work on an “enhanced version” of the Ubuntu desktop with Chinese specific features.


Chinese specific features in the 13.04 release include Chinese input methods and Chinese calendars, along with weather indicators and integration of various Chinese sites into the Dashboard.

Future releases will see payment processing services for banks and online shopping being added in, along with integration into popular Chinese software for photo editing and document production.

Other nations that have programmed in-state versions of Linux include North Korea, which built the KDE-based “Red Star OS” to help wean it as a nation off of an unfortunate dependence on Windows, which we all know is made and distributed by the capitalist swine over at Microsoft. China’s decision to dump an increased amount of resources into Linux comes from a similar desire to slowly take itself off of technologies developed by Western companies, as an integral part of the nation’s five year plan.

They’ve also become increasingly concerned about security, and it’s no wonder why either, with cyberattacks between nations becoming so prevalent that just this week there was an official Geneva Convention released which defined new terms in the online battlefield.

Source| TheRegister

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