Cloud- Free Storage Options Out There

The cloud refers to a virtual storage medium that is used by many businesses and individuals to automatically stored data, whether it is to back up or shared data across multiple devices and computers. There is so many options available for cloud storage, that it would be virtually impossible to cover all that not once.

Virtual Cloud Storage Options

CloudFor those users looking for free storage options available on the cloud, here are some grades alternatives to paying a subscription fee. These services offer limited storage and the ability to pay for even more storage. While it may not be the right choices for many people because of the size limitation, they are just perfect for the occasional user and/or those who may not have very much.

Dropbox: This is one of the best-known storage options available. There is no limit on file size when uploading from the desktop application and works across many different operating systems. The free service allows you 2 GB of storage and additional 500 MB with friends register.

Amazon Cloud Drive: When a user purchases music from Amazon, is automatically stored on the cloud Drive for free. However, Amazon has been criticized for how it handles its files. It offers 5 GB of free storage for its users.

Apple iCloud: 5 GB are offered across Apple devices at the company offers 128 bit AES encryption. In addition, users can synchronize across different devices. This includes videos, web browsing pages, photos and other types of files.

Google Drive: also available for 5 GB, is the Google Drive. Google docs and files converted to Google docs do not count for the storage limits, the other files do. In Google+, they offer unlimited storage and videos there up to 15 min.

Microsoft SkyDrive: Of course Microsoft has to jump in. They offer a full 7 GB of free storage. It has a Windows 8 interface. Uploads are limited to 300 MB via the web browser and 2 GB for the desktop application. In addition, this offer extends to Windows, OS X, and IOS, as well as android and Windows applications.

With these five storage options, you will be able to utilize the cloud free of charge. Of course, if you are looking for more in one place then you will have to pay a fee. A lot of storage option backup automatically to the cloud and allow you to keep purchases that you may have made.

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