Broadband suffers thanks to Time Warner Cable

If Time Warner Cable were an animal what would it be? In my opinion it would be a sloth. Slow, unwilling to do anything and is so dumb it grabs its own arm thinking its a branch. It’s own arm in the case of Time Warner is it’s contrived efforts to take a stranglehold over North and South Carolina’s broadband. They are saying that basically nobody wants faster internet and it’s going to be their downfall. Below is an image of Greenville, South Carolina. They staged “The World’s First and Largest People-Powered Google Chain”. They did this in the hope that Google would select Greenville as one of their starter cities for Google Fiber. In the end Kansas City was chosen. That doesn’t mean it may never come to Greenville but that’s not my point. This clearly proves the people of South Carolina want faster broadband.

Broadband suffers thanks to Time Warner Cable

So why won’t Time Warner just give them their broadband so everybody can live happily ever after? Put quite simply they just don’t have to. Why spend millions upgrading infrastructure when people still pay for your service and you have a bill that pretty much so gives you the closest thing to a legal monopoly over the industry. It has been suggested that they have politicians in their pocket and with recent bills being passed that went against public opinion I am inclined to agree. Now some have argued that if you call them up you can get a 1 Gigabit connection like you are ordering pizza. These very same people also seem to get verbally attacked and are outnumbered 5 to 1. So even public opinion is in line with me here too.

But it’s just their broadband right?

It could be argued that this is just an isolated case in just 2 states. That argument wouldn’t be entirely correct. If you look at this map of US broadband speeds NC and SC seem to be surrounded by states with higher speeds. If you have a look at you can get a relatively accurate scope of the worlds broadband speeds also. I live in the Netherlands right now, which comes in at number 10 with 30Mbps on average. Keep on scrolling down the list and you will eventually find the US in 33rd place at 17Mbps. That is a dismal result. It gets worse though. My broadband connection is rarely if ever congested and usually churns out 43Mbps average while downloading, depending on my distance from the router. How much does it cost per month you ask? Well about €50 per month. Compare that to the extortionate prices Time Warner Cable offer for a similar broadband package and things start to become even more clear.

fast broadband

Are things going to get any better in the immediate future? I don’t see it happening for most of the US. If you are one of the lucky few on Google Fibre you already know you are the envy of the vast majority of the population. Time Warner aren’t the only ones to blame though of course but they pretty much so stand for everything wrong with the industry. People need to stand up for themselves and have these bills removed and make Time Warner Cable take responsibility for their actions. It’s your broadband people, treat it accordingly.

Dean Carroll

A college dropout that has broken more tech than he has ever owned with the intent purpose of understanding it or making it better. But when I don't break it, I make something pretty spectacular. Like that time I integrated an Xbox 360 into my desktop. It lasted a month. Best month of my life.