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Anonymous Takes Revenge on Bank of America, Leaks Data

Earlier today, a subsect of the hacktivist group known as Anonymous released a dump of private emails and sensitive information from Bank of America that was gathered off a vulnerable server in Israel. “Par:AnoIA”, as they call themselves, has taken credit for leaking a number of internal memos from IT contractor TEKsystems, who had been hired by the financial institution to monitor the group’s movements and communications on IRC channels like #anonops and #voxanon.

“We were amused by the fact that there are actually paid analysts sitting somewhere reading the vast amount garbage that scrolls by in large public channels.”, Par:AnoIA stated alongside the leak. “Even more amusing is the keyword list that was found, containing trigger words like ‘jihad’ or ‘homosexual’.”

Dubbed Operation Keyword, the release of these sensitive documents was supposedly set forth in retaliation for how Bank of America has been handling foreclosure accounts with their customers, and specifically what they’ve been doing with the money they gain through the practice of kicking people out of their homes. The archives, which total about 6 gigs in all, also include a wide variety of details about executive compensation rates, salary figures for top leading bankers around the globe, and even the payouts for CEOs like Eric Schmidt of Google (whose annual take is already publicly known).

No one is safe from the ban-hammer.


From what Par:AnoIA provided, it’s clear to Anonymous that these surveillance operations have yielded little, if any accurate research on their operations and daily communications as a whole. They continued on to say that the “overall quality [of the data]…is poor and potentially false”. This isn’t the first time Bank of America has been caught with its pants down while trying to peek through Anonymous’ back window, as many will remember the scandal back in 2010 involving Aaron Barr and HBGary Federal’s attempts to subvert Anon’s release of sensitive documents on Wikileaks through a campaign of lies and misinformation in the press.

With shots fired on both sides it doesn’t look like the war between BofA and Anon will be dying down anytime soon, so keep tuned to for all the latest news as it develops.


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