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The future of mobile power

Moore’s law states that about every two years, in the world of computing, something will double in capacity. I wish that law applied to mobile power. Even though they have managed to make higher density batteries; phones and tablets are eating more juice than ever. It’s not because they are getting exponentially more powerful. The problem is the screens are getting bigger and brighter and are sucking the life out of your battery. The screen alone consumes just under half my battery capacity. This reminds me of the days when you charged your Nokia brick phone and you would have to go on a scavenger hunt for the charger after a full week of usage. I miss those days. Now I am lucky to go a day on my GT-i9100. And I bought a new battery! So what’s going on? Can we expect to see any major advances in mobile power any time soon? Well there are some promising innovations that are still some time away from public consumption. And some that are just on the doorstep.

Diagram of Moldable memory foam battery

So where is the future of mobile power going?

I present to you the moldable memory foam battery. Although a long way from the public, it does show us hope for the future of mobile power. The most important feature of this battery is of course its malleability. This would mean that manufacturers could better utilize empty space inside their phones and tablets or even just use it to get more creative with phone layout and design.

Can we expect a game-changer like this any time soon? The simple answer is no. The unnecessarily complex answer is yes. A combination of easily swappable batteries is one solution,which seems to be the norm those power users out there cannot live without a means of communication/something to play Angry Birds on. We could use wireless chargers. But your battered old Galaxy S doesn’t have that kind of tech does it? Well it can.

Qualcomm patented such technology about 3 years ago but the volume of wireless charging cradles on the market are still a drop in the ocean. Google and Samsung seem to be spearheading this technology at the moment with a handful of smaller companies making sub par retrofitting alternatives. It can only be a matter of time before China gets on this and starts shipping them by the millions for loyal Nokia 3310 users around the world. In the meantime expect to pay through the nose for such a luxury regardless of what device you own.

Dean Carroll

A college dropout that has broken more tech than he has ever owned with the intent purpose of understanding it or making it better. But when I don't break it, I make something pretty spectacular. Like that time I integrated an Xbox 360 into my desktop. It lasted a month. Best month of my life.