How RIM could make better Blackberrys with Blackberry 10

I had a teacher in high school who always said. If we could write an essay using one word and that word could express all the points we were trying to prove. Then we would get the first 100% mark he would have ever given out. No one ever tried but if I were in his class I would now be getting a 100% mark. The question is, how RIM could make better Blackberrys? I can use one word to sum it up. Feedback! They need to take feedback on their upcoming Blackberry 10 OS, which is due out in January and the hardware it’s running on.

Yes to be more specific user feedback. I’m not talking about the people who will ask for the hardware keyboard. They will inevitably get those requests and it is RIM’s job to separate the requests that are future looking and those hung up on a nostalgic time. There is a reason Apple removed the floppy drive from their computers in exchange for more space. More space to incorporate newer hardware that allows the user to do more. It is the same reason that Blackberry needs to make their hardware known for more than a silly hardware feature. It has been 5 years since touch screens became the standard interface in electronic devices. Even children’s toys have it now and yet users want Blackberry to stick with it. These are the same users who are as much to blame for RIM’s plight as the co-CEOs who had no sight of the future.

Going to the RIM website makes one thing quickly apparent they don’t have any way for users/customers to leave feedback. It’s as if they don’t need the feedback of the very people they are building these devices for. Google has a way for GMail users to leave feedback and suggestions. Apple leads the bunch with quite a few methods to leave feedback and suggestions for many of their devices and features. Even Microsoft has decided to start asking Windows 8 and Surface tablet users for feedback on their experiences.

So since customers are now very knowledgable about the things that are offered in the market today nd what they want. It seems to me like an untapped resource to try and build devices that could put the company back on the map of the mobile landscape. Myself being a Canadian and  longtime mobile user I have a litany of suggestions and feedback. I just have no way to send it to anyone at RIM?

Ricky Williams

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