Google Reader dies and Digg brings it back to life

Google Reader Replacement from Digg After 3-Year Development

Digg vows to rebuild Google ReaderThe Internet wept when Google announced that it would effectively kill its popular (or not-so) Google Reader RSS application. Fans of the simple interface chided the Internet search giant for leaving them blowing in the breeze – though there are a ton of free and powerful RSS readers out there. Some have even announced that Google’s move signals the death of RSS altogether, which seems a bit melodramatic.

Thankfully, it looks like Digg, the company that made content aggregation cool and survived attacks by Squidoo has stepped up to the plate and rescued the Google Reader API along with several other features in a new standalone piece of software that’s essentially Google Reader 2.0

Hopefully this announcement will stem the tide of nerd rage against Google and stop the flow of angry comment stream rants that have popped up since Google pulled the plug.

Digg Announces Launch of Google Reader Replacement

Earlier this week Digg said that it indeed had been working on a feed reader similar to Google Reader and the announcement of the RSS services demise only hastened the release of their product. Supposedly the Digg RSS reader will retain “the best” of what people loved from the Google software and add several new features designed to enhance UI and usability.

Some of the rumored features will focus on social media interaction while others will cater to what Engadget called “other popular Internet communities.”

The new reader will be called Sounds a little kitschy to me but Digg has laways been alittle tongue-in-cheek.

The fact that this readers has been in the works since 2010 weans it’s going to be really awesome or something akin to Duke Nukem Forever…

Digg is actively recruiting people who “love making beautiful things” to help build the new software, which is kinda strange because after 3 years in development they should already have something…right?

Anyway, if you think your skill set fits their need or you just want to put in your two cents, you can contact Digg here.

Info Source: Engadget and Digg | Image Source: Engadget and Phandroid

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