RetroN 5 Gaming Console Plays All of Your Old Games!

The RetroN 5 gaming console from Hyperkin allows users to play all of their old favorite cartridge games from the 16-bit through 32-bit without having to do major surgery on an ailing Nintendo or Sega.  This all-in-one gaming console is actually the fourth in line from Hyperkin (they skipped the RetroN 4 because the RetroN 5 is just so awesome) and allows players to easily continue their childhood fun with classic cartridge games from:

  • Nintendo
  • Super Nintendo
  • Sega Genesis
  • Famicon
  • Game Boy Advanced
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color

Scheduled for a July release, the gaming console will retail for under $100 (according to Gizmodo) though no word on just how far under.

As an added feature to those graphics snobs out there, the RetroN 5 console has an HDMI output and will automatically upscale video output to 720p — which really doesn’t matter because 16-bit Nintendo games aren’t going to look that great.

RetroN 5 gaming console makes use of 7 types of cartridge

The console will also feature just two controller ports because it used the standard Super Nintendo controller (or compatibles) to interact with all of the Nintendo titles save the older NES games. The NES port will pull double duty and work for the Famicon games as well.

RetroN 5 Console Lets You Save Money On Spare Parts

Keeping a console going long enough to enjoy decades old games is nearly impossible. You can’t simply blow in it and pray that it works. You can spend big money searching used marketplaces like eBay and Amazon for older consoles (most which don’t work themselves) and piece them together to form a frankenconsole but it can be expensive, time consuming , and difficult.

The RetroN 5 saves you all that time and money by essentially slamming all 7 of these historic consoles (and handhelds) into one box so all you need are working cartridges (which is another story all together — you can blow in those!)

How is this all possible? HJyperkin has taken sly advantage of the expiration dates on the original manufacturer’s patents and copyrights in order to capture all of their hard work — decades later. Essentially, they’re looting dead corpses. Which is kind of cool because the RetroN 5 is breathing new life into old games.

Gizmodo even speculated that further in the future a new RetroN console may emerge that features playability for your favorite 64-bit games as well — as soon as those copyrights expire.  Maybe the Japanese should just skip a step and let Hyperkin have the rights to the Nintendo Wii U.

Now all you have to do is climb up in the attic or go dig around on eBay to get your hands on some game cartridges to feed into your new RetroN 5 console when you get your hands on it.

Robert Palmer

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