Next-Gen Xbox – More Rumors


Required Internet Connection

Edge Online recently reported that “sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next-generation console” have said that the new Xbox console might require an Internet connection in order to function properly. According to recent sources the newest version of Xbox live could be an integral component of the new console.

I find it hard to believe that Microsoft’s Xbox platform would adopt an always-online requirement. There are still a lot of consumers that don’t have access to broadband Internet connections and still even more that can’t afford the service. This doesn’t seem likely.

Game Activation Codes, or Imbedded Identification Tags

Sources also said that games for the new system could ship with special activation codes and potentially have little to no value to users other than the initial buyer. Now that sounds familiar doesn’t it? T3kd recently reported that the new PlayStation console could also have a similar feature.

Some believe that the online requirement is directly tied to stopping consumers from using used software.

Banning the use of used games seems highly unlikely. On the surface, it’s understandable for some to justify a move like this as an attempt by Microsoft, or Sony, to push more users to purchase new games and download content rather than buying physical media. But gamers have never bought games just for themselves. Part of being a gamer is sharing the gaming experience with your friends, which includes sometimes lending or borrowing games. There’s also businesses like GameFly, Blockbuster, and Game Stop that either sell, or rent used games. I suppose it’s possible that this could be the first step in a new wave of physical media protection, if it is then I would expect this new technology to show up in Bluray players and other consumer electronics that utilize a disk drive.

Analysts are very skeptical at this point with regard to both of these rumors.

Kinect V2

Another rumor floating around today has to do with a next-gen Kinect. It has been said that the new Xbox could ship with a new version of Microsoft’s Kinect alongside the new console. No other new information of Kinect V2, but a previous rumor mentioned 4-player full-body tracking, room adaption (no need to move that stupid coffee table out of the way anymore), and the ability to play while seated.

We’ll have to wait for Sony’s Playstation Meeting on February 20th and see if this game tagging thing holds up. If does with Sony, perhaps it will with the Xbox. Only time will tell.

Chase Williams

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