Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC reunites Normandy crew

Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 Reunites Crew of the Normandy

Bioware has done an awesome job of supporting their game Mass Effect 3 with tons of free and affordable DLC but all good things must come to an end. With today’s release of the Mass Effect Citadel DLC pack the game maker has pimped its last pixel – Mass Effect 3 is officially in the books.

While fans are sad that the Citadel DLC signals the end for a game that has been both hated (graphics snobs) and loved by so many (Mass Effect cosplayers), it also means that the crew at Bioware have moved onto other projects including Mass Effect 4 (or whatever the title will be). Essentially, the Citadel DLC is a massive pile of fan service but as a thank-you goes it’s pretty good!

Mass Effect Citadel DLC Details

The Mass Effect Citadel DLC is something special. Unlike the other packs that have been released over the previous months, this DLC story brings back the entire crew of the Normandy for one last go round. And not just those from Mass Effect 3 but everyone – still living – who has ever set foot on the Normandy (squad mates at least).

The teaser trailer show’s Shepard barely escaping a group of heavily armed thugs while on R&R on the Citadel – hence the name for the DLC pack. She (or he) quickly realizes the enemies are overwhelming and puts the call in for “all hands on deck for this one.”

In addition to the hours of storied gameplay, gamers who download the Citadel DLC pack will also gain access to several casino-style mini-games and a combat simulator with multiple “missions” that can be re and rerun until their heart is content.

Also, Shepard is given a crib (which can be pimped out) on the Citadel in which to hang with her/his homies after the shooting is all done. No doubt you can expect some interesting dialogue options after the gang puts ‘em on safe and lets ‘em hang.

The Citadel DLC is available across all platforms for $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points if you’re on Xbox live.

Info Source: Bioware | Image Source: Bioware

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