Hardcore Games Coming to Facebook

While games like Farmville and Texas Holdem Poker have had a huge amount of success, Facebook is trying to expand its market and bring in games that appeal to more seasoned gamers. They’re pushing for developers to launch at least ten new games this year that attract hardcore game enthusiasts.

They want games with quality graphics, solid plots, and full-screen play. They want something more similar to console games. It’s part of a market that Facebook hasn’t tapped into just yet, but they’re building up momentum and preparing to make their move. They aren’t telling developers that they needn’t develop cutesy, 2-D games anymore, but they’re expecting more.

Here’s a few games that meet, or come close to, Facebook’s hardcore game profile (non-inclusive and just the beginning):

  • ChronoBlade, an action role playing game, is being developed and tested by nWay – the makers of Grand Theft Auto
  • KingsRoad, a medieval adventure game, is being tested by Rumble Entertainment
  • Offensive Combat, a first-person shooter developed by U4iA, was launched on Facebook last month and generated over 1 million monthly users

Here’s Offensive Combat’s official beta trailer:

Sean Ryan, director of games partnerships recently said, “Role playing games, strategy, core or mid core games, that’s what we expect to see next year for the explosion of genres…”

Facebook’s effort to develop more engaging, competitive games is an attempt not only to capitalize on the gaming market, but also part of their objective to ensure that their 1 billion-plus users log in more frequently and spend more time on the network. This not only will boost game revenue, but it’s something that will increase their ad revenue as well.

“You’ll see a whole set of games hitting in the next two quarters in particular and throughout the year that really start to redefine what people think of Facebook games…”, Sean Ryan said.

Facebook is putting their selves in a position to embrace “casual all the way up through first-person shooters, massively multiplayer online games, real-time strategy games – all those types of more core player-versus-player games.”

One thing that has always frustrated me on console games is finding the right group of people to play with. I never had an issue finding people on the PC, but it seems that consoles lack that social layer needed to really connect like-minded people. Perhaps Facebook could bridge the gap?

Facebook recently added new action and strategy games categories on their App Center that not only makes it easier for hardcore gamers to find titles that they might be interested in, but also allows users to see what games their friends play.

Out of Facebook’s 1.06 billion monthly active users, one quarter of them play games. It’s one of the largest gaming communities in the industry. So, do you think Facebook and third-party developers can reshape the way people think of gaming and Facebook? What is it going to take to make Facebook synonymous with hardcore gaming?

Chase Williams

Chase is a serial entrepreneur, electrical engineer, writer, and self-proclaimed techie. He enjoys to travel, hike, kayak, and learn new languages. He's been weightless on-board a NASA C9-B aircraft and his head hasn't quite come back down from the upper atmosphere. To keep up with his low-oxygen chatter, follow him on Twitter @ChaseHWill