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Txtr Beagle Fails to Hit Price Goal Still Hits Shelves

The Txtr Beagle e-reader looked to be the next in a long line of vaporware after promising an e-ink display for under $20 (yes, you read that right) but the German manufacturer was able to pull some magic out of its hat and actually get this thing to production. Unfortunately, they failed to even come close to their targeted price point. In fact, when the Txtr Beagle e-reader hits shelves later this year it will be saddled with a $70 price point.

That’s sad because the reader just won’t be able to compete with Kindle which continues to release iterations (including the new Paperwhite) for just over that.

Txtr Beagle and the E-Reader that Should Have Been

Back in October of last year, Txtr shocked the world with plans for an eBook reader that featured an energy-saving e-ink display and all the functionality of a 1st generation Kindle (mostly) in a package that would cost just $13.

txtr beagle e-readerIt was to be a basic entry-level e-reader for those on a budget. It wouldn’t have a touchscreen, a backlight, or even Internet connectivity (and forget 3G) but it was to be.

The Txtr Beagle did have 4GB of storage and BlueTooth with which you could transfer eBooks and other compatible documents across devices (with the help of Txtr’s handy app). It would also be powered by AAA batteries – for better or worse – and come in a host of lively and fun colors (something amazon has yet to cash in on).

It would be the smallest and lightest e-reader available with a 5inch screen to boot!

All of that changed when Txtr realized that $13 price tag was just bonkers. They couldn’t even buy the plastic to make these Beagles for that. So, now that it’s actually headed for shelves, you get an expensive, dumbed-down piece of crud that requires you to own a smartphone and hopes you don’t mind that you paid almost as much as you would have for a much more functional device.

Still, there are the colors…

Txtr Beagle E-Reader up for Pre-Order (If Anyone Cares)

So if you’re really set on getting one of these, the Txtr Beagle e-reader is up for pre-order here.

Image and Info Source: Engadget

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