LG Smartwatch Enters a Competative Market

Rumors of a new LG Smartwatch abound after sources dig up rumors and inuendo from people in the know.  The Korean electronics and appliance manufacturer is (or may be) jumping into an already crowded market.

The LG Smartwatch would be an attempt from the Korean company to stay ahead of trends in mobile technology and possibly carve out a foothold for its own products in a marketplace that has been fairly well dominated by  a handful of American giants.

LG Smartwatch to Compete with Apple, Samsung, and (Possibly) Google

In a report from The Korea Times, an unnamed source who is, of course, “familiar with the matter” said:

“The company has spared no efforts to invest in products that it believes are must-haves to stay ahead technology wise in the market, whatever the situation maybe.”

Samsung is the only one of the three to have openly admitted they’re building a Smartwatch. In a statement to Bloomberg, the company’s mobile branch president confirmed that the company was indeed developing a connected watch device.

The Apple iWatch is pretty much confirmed — insides sources have “leaked” photos and info but there has been no official announcement from the company.

Google’s wearable device, a solid competitor for the new LG Smartwatch, is still candy floss and unicorns.

Let's hope the LG Smartwatchdoesn't look like this.
Not the LG Smartwatch — just an ugly duckling.

Interestingly enough, the LG Smartwatch may have a huge leg up ont he competition.  While big name American companies like Apple and Google have the market presence and cojones to drop revolutionary products on the unsuspecting public, LG actually makes a lot of the components used in such devices.   Not only that, they have a huge amount of experience working with digital displays — both touchscreen and non.

LG Smartwatch Runs on Android?

Conflicting rumors surround the LG Smartwatch operating system. While many believe it will run some version of Android, select sources believe the LG Smartwatch may actually sport Mozilla’s Firefox OS — which would be interesting to say the least.

The LG Smartwatch would be the second Firefox product the Korean manufacturer would be producing.  Earlier this year LG announced it will release a smartphone running on the same OS in the latter half of 2013.

It will be interesting to see actual details from all of these wearable devices but the LG Smartwatch could be a viable (read “cheaper”) alternative to an Apple device. Of course, product adoption will likely hinge on third-party apps, functionality, and stylishnes…and Apple generally trumps all three of the other companies in the running for smartwach dominance in those categories.

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