Is the iWatch the Future or just a Fad?

Apple rumors are always around us. Even when there is a ton happening elsewhere in the technology industry (like Mobile World Congress), Apple rumors are there to keep the tech press occupied. For a while now we’ve been hearing rumblings of an Apple smartwatch, which we’ve started calling the iWatch. Is a watch something that we really want, or is it just the next Apple flop?

Who would wear an iWatch?

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I don’t know about you but I stopped wearing a watch years ago. I don’t even know if I could go back to wearing a watch again, it would just seem to weird. Though I suppose I would get used to it. My question when people start freaking out about how awesome an iWatch would be is to ask what is it for?

The main rumor regarding the iWatch is that it will be able to receive notifications from your iDevices. If this is the main purpose of the iWatch, frankly I can’t see the point in it. How freakin hard is it to pull out your phone when it vibrates? I don’t think it’s that hard. So really who the iWatch is for lazy people.

I can understand not wanting to be distracted by your phone. That is a great goal. I just don’t think an iWatch solves that problem. You will still be looking at your wrist every time a Twitter mention comes in or you get an SMS message. Instead of looking at a screen where you can actually take care of the business at hand, you will be looking  at a screen that will tell you that you need to take your phone out. It seems that it is actually adding a step to the process. If you had just taken out the phone in the first place, you’d be on your way by now.

Why Apple Probably Won’t do an iWatch

I think it is very unlikely that we actually see an iWatch from Apple this year or ever. It just seems too much like an accessory instead of a flagship product. It seems like something that is sold with an iPhone instead of a stand alone product. Apple doesn’t make their money on accesories, no matter how cool. They make it on the big things, the iPads and iPhones. The iWatch seems too much like a niche accessory than a product that Apple would consider adding to their lineup.

The only way I could see an iWatch coming to market is if Apple came up with something awesome for it to do. I don’t know what that would be, maybe complete Siri integration or something. It’d have to be something that would make consumers think “WOW, I really want that iWatch”.

What do you think about the iWatch idea? Will you buy one? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



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