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How to Boot to the Desktop And Skip Metro UI in Windows 8

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Windows 8 is known for its tile-d interface, which begins right from the Start screen when the user logs in.While many believe that the glance-and-go model of the new UI is the future, many hate change and the extra steps it requires to get something done. There is no middle ground, you either love the metro UI or you absolutely hate it! But with this simple tutorial, you can now skip the Modern UI completely and directly boot straight to the desktop with a quick trick. This when combined with third–party Start menu applications like “ViStart” or “Start8” eliminates the need to use the Modern UI. Creating the Shortcut to First step is to open a Notepad which is done by pressing the windows Key from the desktop to access Metro and then typing Notepad at the Start screen and hitting Enter. Paste the below text into a new file: Save the file with the .scf file extension. For example, ShowDesktop.scf This is same shortcuts the “Show Desktop” button that was found in the Quick Launch area on Windows XP. Using the Task Scheduler By using the Task Scheduler, the user can set the shortcut to automatically run when the …

Anand SHow to Boot to the Desktop And Skip Metro UI in Windows 8
cloud print from any android device

How to Setup Google Cloud Print on Android

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Generally, printing a document is a piece of cake. Open the appropriate application, load the file that has to be printed and click on “PRINT”.  However, this process gets a little tricky when it is an Android device, as one has to email or copy the particular file from the Android device to the PC in order to give it for print. Cloud Print makes printing easier again. What is Cloud Print? It is a service provided by Google which has many features. It can be used to print files from an Android device directly using a compatible printer and eliminating the involvement of the PC. This service can be used on a regular printer too but a few things have to be done to do so. First step is to make sure that the user uses the Google Chrome. Secondly, it has to be made sure that both the printer and the PC to which it is connected are switched on when it is required to print a document. The third step is to install the Cloud Print App. How to configure Chrome? Open the Chrome browser on the PC. Click on the menu button which is at the …

Anand SHow to Setup Google Cloud Print on Android
recover password windows 7

How to Create, Change, and Recover Your Windows 7 Password

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The most popular Microsoft operating system is Windows 7. Every user wants to keep their PC or laptop from the hands of unauthorized users and also to make sure all their documents and photos or videos are safe. The most commonly used method is to set a password for your PC. A password will prevent another person from using the PC or laptop without the users’ permission. Windows 7 is still one of the most popular operating systems out there even after the launch of Windows 8 which was a huge shift in strategy for Microsoft. While the success of Windows 8 is debatable, Windows 7 is its biggest competitor at the moment. How to create, change and recover a password in the Windows 7?  Creating a password in Windows 7 Go  to the start button and click on the control panel Click on user account and family safety. Click change your windows password from the three options available. Create password for the account. Enter the password and click on the Ok button. The password has been created for your Windows 7 PC. If you ever want to change your password, follow the steps below Press “ctrl+ Alt+delete” and then …

Anand SHow to Create, Change, and Recover Your Windows 7 Password

How to Password Protect SMS on Android

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We all have those nosy friends or family who pry on our smartphones when they access our device. Today we will see how we can keep these messages away from everybody else, so that it is easier to hand over the phone when someone asks for it as the fear of them seeing it is no longer visible. Everyone has their own reasons to keep their text messages locked up so let us see how to password protect SMS on Android devices using Go SMS Pro. Go SMS Pro can be downloaded and installed on Android devices through the Google Play Store. This app provides a lot of functionality apart from the password protection such as cloud back up, themes, auto-reply and more. You can access all the existing message threads can be accessed in the Go SMS inbox. The private box on GO SMS Pro has to be configured before it is used. To configure, open the app menu and navigate to the Services tab. Select Private box to get started. Go SMS will direct the user to set up the “private box” and also to provide a password which will be used to encrypt the messages. After this …

Anand SHow to Password Protect SMS on Android

How to Encrypt Files on Android

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We are a generation that depends a lot on smart phones in our daily lives. We have private and sensitive information on our Android phones and this article is all about password protecting or how to encrypt files on android devices for security. There is a tool called the File locker which can be used to lock any file on an Android device. It will be a password protected folder and nobody will have access to the folder. From the Play Store download and install File Locker on the device. The app works for devices running on Android 2.1 and above. After installation, the app will display all the files and folders on the Android device. Browse for the files that have to be locked, a long tap will show a popup menu with options. Select the Lock option from the popup menu. There is an option to even batch select files and then lock them at once. The app will ask for a password for the file. On providing the password the app will hash the contents in the files. There is no master password option and hence the app will ask for a new password every time a …

Anand SHow to Encrypt Files on Android
Android 5.0 update

How to Lock and Protect Specific Apps on Android

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As nice as it sounds, but sometimes having to enter the pin or drawing patterns to be able access the device each time can get a little too annoying. It would be great if certain applications that do require the lock and protection from others eyes can be done so rather than the whole phone itself. This thought I am sure must have crossed all your minds at some point or the other. Among the applications that are usually used, only a very few apps like gallery, mail, messaging etc really need a lock as it holds data that one might not be willing to share with others. Smart App Protector is a free app that helps the user in locking and protecting specific apps on their Android device. The app is available in the Play Store, download the app and install it. When the app is launched for the first time, the app will ask the user to install Smart App Protector helper application from the Store. This application will make sure that the main app services do not get killed using any third-party app killer for Android. The combination 7777 is a default password for the app, which …

Anand SHow to Lock and Protect Specific Apps on Android
Apple class action lawsuit over fraud

How To Create an Encrypted Folder On Mac To Secure Your Files

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Have you always wondered how you could safely hide your files and folders so that no one gets an access to them even though they do have full access to the device? Or keep away confidential information? This can be done by creating an encrypted folder on Mac which can be actually locked with a password to secure it and take it along anywhere you want. Steps on How to create an encrypted folder on Mac Open Disk Utility (Applications> Utilities) and from the options available at the top of the window click on New Image. Using the Save As option, create a memorable name for the encrypted folder being created and then choose where the folder has to be put. You can choose a different size from the drop down, but a 500 MB should be good enough to store important files and documents. Next step, choose the desired encryption strength, a 128 – bit should be good enough in most cases. A 256 – bit encryption can be selected if these files need more security but it will be slower. Once done, click on Create. You can choose a password that can be given for the encrypted folder. …

Anand SHow To Create an Encrypted Folder On Mac To Secure Your Files
get better battery life from android

How To Get Better Battery Life On Android Devices

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As phones get better displays and more powerful processors, battery technology seems to  be playing catch-up. Today a “decent battery” means the phone can last till you get home in the evening on a single charge. Lets find out how to get better battery life on Android Devices. First step, test the battery usage so that the user can determine whether the changes that have been adopted from those mentioned below is helping or not. Battery Graph, a free app is a great application to check battery usage. Also, go to Settings>>About Phone>>Battery to check what is draining the battery the most. Time Table Set a rigid bedtime for the phone. Most phones have tools that automatically turn off the mobile signals and Wi-Fi after the fixed time. This will help in saving power on the phone. If your phone does not have such a feature, install Tasker The screen is a big strain on battery life. The bigger the screen, the heavier the strain. We cannot reduce the screen size but there are two settings which will reduce the battery usage. Brightness Make use of the automatic adjustment setting, the OS will by itself dim the display in darker …

Anand SHow To Get Better Battery Life On Android Devices

How to Sync Game Progress, App Data and More Between Android Devices

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Always juggling between the different Android devices that you own? Do you end up having to play a whole level that you have already cleared just because both the devices are not synced? In this write-up we bring you a way so that you no longer have to. Sync Game Progress and App Data for Rooted Android Devices If the Android devices that you own are all rooted then DataSync is a wonderful app that not only syncs Android game progress but also syncs app data and specific folders. After the app is installed on the devices, it should be granted root access. The app will automatically check if the device has the latest version, if not it will open the Play store page and will direct you to download BusyBox Installer. (BusyBox Installer) As the app is initialized, a long tap on the app data will add it to queue for sync. To sync files and folders, go to Files tab and add them to the queue too. After selecting all the data that you want to sync, tap on the save button and give the folder a name. Tap on the transfer button when a transfer of data …

Anand SHow to Sync Game Progress, App Data and More Between Android Devices