Top Fitness Apps for Spring Crash-Training

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It seems that each year the time between making a New Year’s resolution and the chirping of the blue jays to symbolize Spring gets shorter and shorter. While the winter is getting farther away in the rear-view mirror, Speedo season is still a month or two away (at least six weeks.) For that reason, it’s time to kick the cardio into overdrive and these top fitness apps will help trim the muffin off that top.

Carl TaylorTop Fitness Apps for Spring Crash-Training

Top 5 Utilities to Analyze and Repair Hard Disks

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Hard Disks are a very important part of our lives. Our digital life in the form of documents, pictures, videos and other files are stored in this little piece of hardware. If your computer or laptop freezes or slows down frequently, or if files get corrupted and become unusable, it probably means that the hard disk is facing issues. The utilities below will help check them through software and will help to identify if something is wrong.

Anand STop 5 Utilities to Analyze and Repair Hard Disks

Top Golf Apps Every Wacky Hacker Should Own

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The true rites of Spring are all around. From the chirping of the birds to the greening of the grass to the steady supply of swear words emitting from the nearby golf courses it appears that Winter has finally lifted. For those that enjoy taking to the links in a supposed relaxing afternoon, perhaps it’s time to start putting the smart phone to good use for more than calling the clubhouse to have the cart girl fetch another round of shots. Some of the top golf apps available for the smart phone can actually have a profound effect on improving a person’s game. Golfshot The standard score cards that most courses give out for gameplay just don’t do justice to the lay of the land for each hole. Golfshot is a top golf app that provides an aerial view of each hole from over 40,000 courses around the world. The $20.00 fee is justified with an average review of five stars by fellow users. V1 Golf For $9.99 an amateur golfer could basically replace a pricey golf pro just by downloading V1 Golf. With this app users can record video of their swing for comparisons to some of golf’s greats. …

Carl TaylorTop Golf Apps Every Wacky Hacker Should Own
ipad mini

Essential Accessories for iPad Mini – Part 2

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We recently covered a few accessories for iPad Mini and the following article brings you some more accessories to adorn your iPad Mini. iPad SD Card Reader Priced at $20, this is simply a must have for any power user or photographer out there. The card reader lets you see the images on the amazing iPad Mini screen. This is based on the new lightning connector so it will support future upgrades from Apple as well. Belkin Car Charger with Lightning Port It is a small gadget but very powerful. It lets you charge the iPad Mini while you are on the go and has the lightning port. The price is $34.99 Elago W Stand in Natural Wood Elago is yet another beautiful wooden stand for the iPad Mini which has a great and natural wood texture at a price of just $9.99. It has an angle support for easy video calling. Car Mount Bracket Holder for iPad Mini This bracket holder is the answer if you have been looking for a solution to fix the iPad mini to the car’s dashboard. It is available at $11.99. It will support other tablets in the similar size too. The Graduate Professional …

Anand SEssential Accessories for iPad Mini – Part 2
the bard's tale

Top 5 RPGs on Android

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There are literally tons of role-playing games on Google Play, many of them are amazingly epic with deep stories and robust character customizations. That is why I feel the need to introduce you to the top 5 RPGs on Android, so you can play more and search less.  I remember back in the early days of Android, I came across many bare-bones games masquerading as role-playing games. But today there are numerous RPG titles which rival the death and fictional lore of bigger console/PC counterparts. Without further ado here are the top 5 RPGs on Android.

Bilawal BashirTop 5 RPGs on Android
surface pro

Essential Windows 8 Apps for Surface Pro

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The Windows 8 is a new platform and tablets like Surface Pro which have the full Windows experience on a tablet form factor are growing in popularity. Developers are definitely showing interest in these tablets, which can be seen in the Windows Store growth over past few months. Here is a list of essential apps you should have on your Surface Pro or any other Windows 8 tablet.

Anand SEssential Windows 8 Apps for Surface Pro
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Mobile Translation Apps for Android Phones

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Communication is vital in today’s shrinking world. Global commerce has made it essential to learn more than one language to communicate. Even though English is commonly regarded as the global language, when you put in the effort to communicate with someone in their local language, it really helps break the ice and delights others. Let’s check out some of the popular mobile translation apps for Android devices.

Anand SMobile Translation Apps for Android Phones
Samsung S View Cover for s4

Awesome Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

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Which cover would you accessorize your S4 with? There are a variety of cases in the market for the S4 already. Third party accessories for any device shows that there is good optimism in its future. Here are a few awesome cases for the Samsung Galaxy s4. Samsung S view Cover The first option is Samsung’s very own cover. Just like the covers for the Galaxy S3, it can be clipped onto the handset thereby protecting the screen and the back of the phone. It also has a transparent window-like cutout, allowing push notifications to be viewed when the cover is closed. Belkin’s Galaxy S4 Folio Case Though it is a little higher on price, it provides a lot of additional handy features. The case is natural leather, it comes as a wallet case which has openings for money and cards. It can be used as a stand if folded, which can be handy for viewing media.

Anand SAwesome Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4
google reader alternatives

7 Alternatives for Google Reader

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You have probably heard already – on 1st July, the world’s favorite RSS Feed Reader comes to an end. Google has officially announced the shutting down of Google Reader which has left its users under a frantic search for alternatives. I have found a few alternative services available which might help you decide on a new service to move all your feeds to. First you need to back up all your feeds from Google Reader and Google Takeout is an easy way to do this. Go to Google Takeout and get the reader data by following the steps given. All your data will be compressed into a zip file. Once Google has archived the files, click the download button. It will ask for the your password. Once download is complete, it is ready to be exported to one of the alternative feed reading programs given below. Alternatives for Google Reader Prismatic It is one of the new generations of personalized readers. An amazingly cool app to which one can sign in using their Google credentials. The Old Reader It is an improved version of the old Google reader. The user can import their feeds from the Google reader using the …

Anand S7 Alternatives for Google Reader
galaxy s IV

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

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Along with the launch of the new flagship phone from Samsung – the Galaxy S4, we also saw the launch of some thoughtful Samsung Galaxy s4 accessories that go along with it.. The Galaxy s4 is very keen on making itself a “life companion” for its users. The accessories include those which protect the phone and enhance its utility and also this time Samsung has made health an area of focus. Let’s check out some of the health accessories that got our attention at the launch Galaxy S4 S Band The S-Band is a health accessory for the S4 that can be worn anytime, anywhere. It keeps a track of all the activities as you go about your day. It monitors and records all details like the number of steps that has been taken, the distance travelled, calories burnt during the activity etc. It can also measure the efficiency of your sleep by measuring how much you have moved during sleep. You can even wear it while you swim as it is waterproof up to 10m. It works with S- Health 2.0 app.

Anand SOfficial Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories