Family Feud

Family Feud & Friends Review for Android and iOS

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Family Feud & Friends is one of many family feud games, but this one allows you to compete directly with others. In the growing wave of social gaming, Family Feud & Friends is just another game that connects you with your Facebook friends for you to compare how much better you can figure out what the most popular answers are to survey questions. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the game show, Family Feud is played by two teams or individuals competing against each other. In order to gain points, each person must figure out how the most popular answer to a random survey question. Each category has up to 100 points possible. The winner is then given an opportunity to compete in the fast money round, where they are given two opportunities to answer five different categories, and they win if they reach 200 points. In the aspect of emulating the game show, Family Feud & Friends does a near perfect job. The few modifications to the game are made to fit better on a video game. Though it does well here, it definitely isn’t the first Family Feud game to offer a good simulation. The key feature of the …

Daniel BiehlFamily Feud & Friends Review for Android and iOS

Snapchat Review for Android and iOS

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Looking at the app description, Snapchat doesn’t seem like it has much of a purpose. It seems like a limited picture message app. For those who don’t have unlimited messaging (which is a pretty small market for smartphone users), this seems pretty useful, but why would the app be downloaded so much? What Snapchat does, is it allows you to take a picture on your phone and send it to a friend who also has Snapchat. The catch is that the picture only is visible for at most ten seconds once the picture is opened up. This seems kind of strange. Why would you allow the picture to only last for such a short time? Even after using the app, I don’t have an answer for it. Obviously it saves storage space whether on the phone or on a server, but it is a huge limiting factor for the app. Where Snapchat shines shines is it’s speed and reliability at sending photos. Often when sending an MMS message over my phone, it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to even 10 minutes to send a picture if my reception is bad. Snapchat is pretty quick though, with pictures being received …

Daniel BiehlSnapchat Review for Android and iOS

MapMyRun Review for Android and iOS

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When smartphones were introduced to the world half a decade ago, fitness apps seemed to be all the craze. Although many developers tried, few managed to get a really solid fitness app that people would use for months on end. MapMyRun benefits from being established as a website first, with the app coming out to enhance the site features. MapMyRun is a fitness app that can be used by anybody, and it brings enough to the table to make it worth a download by anybody who loves to exercise. If you haven’t gone over to the website, it is definitely worth checking out. When you register, you can put in routes for walking, running, and biking. You’ll be able to see the distances with mile markers and elevation changes throughout the route. Then, once you download the app, all of the best features are opened up. MapMyRun will use your GPS to track not only your location, but also your speed and pace. If you happen to have a heart monitor, it will track your heart rate through the exercise as well. Once you start a route, the app will leave the GPS on constantly, which does make it drain the …

Daniel BiehlMapMyRun Review for Android and iOS
CSR Racing

CSR Racing Review for Android and iOS

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Drag racing games have been around forever on all platforms capable of gaming. Few games offer the total amount of depth seen in CSR Racing. The gameplay is relatively simple, and it seems fairly borrowed from most other drag racing games. You start each race by trying to get the RPM meter in the sweet spot to prevent tire spin. From then on, you are trying to time your shifts in order to get a maximum acceleration. Add in some NOS, and call it a day. Where CSR Racing initially enhances the game is with a simple story mode. Players can do quick races with earnings based on difficulty. They can do ladder races where the race gets progressively more difficult, or you can race Crew Battles until you ultimately win through to the next tier. The boss of each crew certainly loves his trash talk. Graphically, CSR Racing offers some impressive graphics, especially for mobile devices. It has a little bit of a frame rate struggle with older devices, but it still runs despite longer loading times. The graphics look close to something out of a current generation console. Audio seems to be pretty spot on, though the menu …

Daniel BiehlCSR Racing Review for Android and iOS
Floor Escape

Floor Escape Review for Android and iOS

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Puzzle games continue to be some of the most popular games on mobile platforms. Floor Escape is yet another puzzle game where a player is required to figure out some sort of puzzle in the room that will allow them to advance to the next floor. The premise is very simple. You are put in front of an elevator door, and your goal is to figure out how to get the door to open. The puzzles start out very simply, such as just pressing the button to call the elevator. Other puzzles require you to move objects. The most complicated puzzles involve some sort of combination of actions that need to be done. There are many similar games on the market right now, but Floor Escape has managed to become the most popular at this time. It offers some new ideas and new puzzles that other elevator escape games lacked. It also uses quite a few different items with different results, which allows for a more unique combination of puzzles. Despite these unique ideas, it often does feel like a rehashed game if you have played similar games. Graphically, Floor Escape stands up very well. All the items are pretty …

Daniel BiehlFloor Escape Review for Android and iOS

Iron Man 3 – The Official Game Review

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I’ll be honest, when I booted up Iron Man 3 – The Official Game, I was awaiting a disappointing movie tie-in game. But Gameloft has done an amazing job with the metallic icon and has made a game which is fast, somewhat funny and fun. Gameloft has proven that not all movie tie in games have to be a rushed mess, in fact they have proven it twice. Story The secret behind the success of the games is that Gameloft tends to use their own story instead of cramming the whole movie in. They did this with the batman game and now they have done the same with Iron Man 3 – The Official Game. The story follows Iron Man (duh!) in a quest to stop a nefarious organization called A.I.M, which aims to weaponize Tony’s suits. The most disappointing fact about the Iron Man 3 – The Official Game is there are no official movie stars doing the voice overs for the game. So if you were hoping to hear Robert Downey Jr. as the Iron Man and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper, you will be disappointed. Graphics The game is almost 700 MB in size so it’s natural that …

Bilawal BashirIron Man 3 – The Official Game Review
4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word Review for Android and iOS

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When Tetris came out several decades ago, it popularized the puzzle game genre. The genre has seen quite a bit of change over the years, with everything from Dr. Mario to Brain Age to Angry Birds. 4 Pics 1 Word is an extension of the puzzle genre that has gotten quite a bit of popularity over the past several weeks. The game is simple. Four pictures are displayed on the screen, and you’re given the length of the word. As you get words correct, you earn coins which can be used to help you out. You can get help by either deleting possible letters or by getting where certain letters fit in the answer. If you have ever played Draw Something, the user interface will immediately look familiar. The interface is basically a carbon copy but with a different color. You even have twelve possible letters to guess the word, making it a little bit more easy than if you had to type in the word on your own. The pictures are relatively easy to guess, which allows you to build up some confidence as you play. Occasionally though you’ll be hit by a confusing word where the pictures are …

Daniel Biehl4 Pics 1 Word Review for Android and iOS

WatchESPN App Review for Android and iOS

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When WatchESPN released two years ago, it saw very limited usage due to it requiring a cable subscription to a select amount of providers. Now that Comcast and AT&T have renegotiated their contracts with ESPN to allow access to the app in the past year, access to the app has never been greater. WatchESPN allows users who have a compatible cable subscription the ability to watch ESPN programming on their mobile devices. You can watch all of ESPN’s live TV programming, online only sporting events, and even replays of past games. The user interface is very clean and easy to use. Once you log in using your cable provider username and password, you are shown all of the shows that are currently being broadcast by ESPN. This includes sporting events and past shows. Under the sports tab, you can browse by specific sports. These events are then shown under either the live now, upcoming, or replay tabs. For the avid sports fan, the upcoming tab will be useful in determining when certain games will be played so that their schedules can be planned accordingly. Video quality seems to do really well over WiFi and 4G/LTE, but it does sometimes get …

Daniel BiehlWatchESPN App Review for Android and iOS
Paper Toss

Paper Toss 2.0 Review for Android and iOS

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When it comes to mind numbing ways to waste time, throwing paper balls at a trash can is about as dull as it gets. That said, Backflip Studios has made an addicting mobile game based on that same concept. Paper Toss 2. is a revamped version of the classic browser game, adding more depth to a game that by nature has very little depth. The game is centered around the concept of throwing paper balls into a trash can. To make it more difficult, a fan is always blowing in random directions and with random magnitude, causing the paper to fly in strange curves. In past versions of this game, that has been as far as the depth goes. The game would keep track of how many shots in a row you had made, and you would constantly be trying to break that record. Paper Toss 2.0 adds some more features to the tried and true concept. Now you can play Paper Toss in different settings. Although there are 10 scenes, most are mostly cosmetic differences. Each scene has slightly different ways to interact with the world though. For example, you can use the boss as a backboard to make …

Daniel BiehlPaper Toss 2.0 Review for Android and iOS
Strategy & Tactics

Strategy & Tactics: WW II Review for Android and iOS

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World War II video games have been around almost as long as video games themselves. Turn based strategy games have also been around for decades. Strategy & Tactics combines the two for a mobile World War II strategy game that can be played on both Android and iOS devices. When you get into the game, you might be turned off by a fairly ugly interface. Presentation wise, Strategy & Tactics suffers pretty badly. It feels more like a game that was developed without much of an artistic direction in mind. This is especially noticeable when you see that in-game graphics aren’t all that impressive either. The developer, Herocraft Ltd, didn’t use much of a color palette, leaving the game looking a little too murky and washed out. The gameplay is fairly good for a mobile game. From the design of the maps and units to the general rules of the game, it feels a lot like playing Risk without having any input left to chance. Computer difficulty does ramp up very quickly in the campaign, so be aware of that. If playing computer opponents isn’t your thing, Strategy & Tactics also allows you to play multi-player using either WiFi or …

Daniel BiehlStrategy & Tactics: WW II Review for Android and iOS