Blackberry releasing the Q10

It is been a busy month for BlackBerry, which had been known as Research in Motion. Today, in New York City, it showcased a new smart phone known as the Q10, which possesses a full QWERTY keyboard. Unlike his previous devices, this is a full smart phone. It has a 720 x 720 display that is 3.1 inches across. However, unlike his other smart phone models, this new smart phone is focused mainly on the keyboard.


And hopefully, this attempt of focusing on keyboards as BlackBerry has done the past will prove more successful than his earlier models. The past hasn’t been all that bright for BlackBerry, especially when faced with falling market shares, decreased shipments for its devices in the decision to cut back thousands of jobs. If BlackBerry hopes to survive, it needs to reinvent itself.

And in BlackBerry defense, it has attended to in the biggest way possible. The company Research in Motion which produces BlackBerry made the decision to go by the name of BlackBerry. This isn’t just an attempt to gain better recognition, but to go buy a new image in a new identity. Name changes for companies aren’t exactly a new thing, as many other companies in the past have done much the same.

When will this new smart phone by BlackBerry be released?

Not much is known when the device will be officially released. In the specs of the Q 10 are even more shady. BlackBerry claims that it will have a glass we cover on the back and it will be thinner and lighter, but much stronger than traditional plastic. April of this year is the month when will be released throughout the world, though specific pricing and carriers have yet to be determined.

With all that BlackBerry has been through, especially change of CEOs, shareholders losing faith day by day and other types of loss, the new range of smart phones will fare much better if BlackBerry hopes to continue as a company.

The Q 10 is not the only smart phone to be released, as the new BlackBerry 10. The BlackBerry 10 is set to use a newer operating system than the smart phone for the past. It features some great features, such as at 1080p, 8 pixel camera and a 4.2 inch display. One can hope that a lot of the features present on these smart phones will be present on the Q 10.

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