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The End of T3KD as We Know it

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You may have noticed that we haven’t been posting very much here at T3KD. We’ve discovered that we are busy people who don’t have much time to blog the way we would like. Unfortunately that means that the awesome content that you’ve become used to is no longer being produced. We are sorry for that. Things come to an end. T3KD started in January 2010, and was variably successful over the next three years. We had many downtimes, a complete loss of content, and a stint as a full functioning multi-author blog. It has been one hell of a journey. But, that journey is over. The site itself will live on, but this will be the last major post published. The 3 Cast, our weekly podcast is still alive and thriving, and can be found on its own website: The3cast.com. We are now doing two episodes a week. You can still watch live, but the URL is now live.the3cast.com. We have loved this time with you. We have had so much fun, and maybe we’ll do it again one day. But until then, we hope that your quest for technology dominance has been helped by our blog and that you continue …

T3kd StaffThe End of T3KD as We Know it

How Christmas is Killing Spring

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It is getting to the point where if you like new technology you can take the first half of the year off. All the technology companies want to release their products right before the Christmas holiday, which means that the first half of the year is completely ignored. Christmas is killing Spring. Christmas Doesn’t Really Matter Sure, Christmas is the biggest buying season, but that is more because that is when all the new stuff comes out than because people give out gifts. If everything was released in March, people would buy just as much of it at XMAS time. They would also buy it in March, so they could get it when it was still cool. Tech companies mistrust consumer’s ability to buy things any time of the year, but I assure you it is there. Are you trying to tell me that if Apple released the iPhone 5S in March that they would sell less of them than if they released it in October? Come on, get real. People would buy the iPhone even if all you could do with it is look at a steaming pile of dog crap. It is just that simple. Spring is an Opportunity for …

T3kd StaffHow Christmas is Killing Spring
The 3 cast

The Apocalypse – The 3 Cast #107

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This week we talked about Apple’s cheap iPhone and why it won’t happen, we asked if Robots will ever take over, and we had hopes for RIM and BlackBerry. Ricky and Matt agreed a lot in this one, so that’s why we’re predicting the end of the world. Download mp3 | AAC | Video Hosts: Matthew Weber, Vincent Hui, Ricky Williams, Paul Shirey Topics: Cheap iPhone, Robots taking over the world, RIM and hope. The Final Question and picks of the week  

T3kd StaffThe Apocalypse – The 3 Cast #107
The 3 Cast

2013 Tech Predictions Show – The 3 Cast #106

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This week we went over our predictions from 2012, which means we got to laugh at how epically wrong we were. Then we gave our predictions for 2013. You know what they say, if you fall down, just get back up again. Listen in to see how wrong we’ll be for the upcoming year. Download           mp3         |        AAC           |           Video Hosts: Matthew Weber, Vincent Hui, Ricky Williams, Paul Shirey Topics: 2012 Prediction Roundup, 2013 Tech predictions

T3kd Staff2013 Tech Predictions Show – The 3 Cast #106
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Why Apple is still cool (NSFW)

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There is one simple reason why Apple is still cool, celebrities. I read a post the other day that said teenagers found that Apple was no longer cool. The problem with that is teenagers as much as they strive to be “different” also follow whatever is popular. Our society has a fetish for following celebrities’ lives. It’s a lifestyle although no one would admit we would all love to emulate. It’s the reason celebrities sell everything from cars to cereal. It’s also the reason why Apple is still cool because iPhones, iPads, MacBook Airs they can all be found in celebrities’ hands. Not because they are paid to advertise it but because they use it in their daily lives. It’s the best form of free advertising out there. So Will Arnett and Oprah might be in commercials or tweeting about how great the Windows Phone and Surface Tablet are but it’s a paid commercial. Which doesn’t have as much pull as seeing Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton, Bow Wow or any other celebrity walking around town with their white headphones in their ears. The iPhone and iPad have even found themselves in rap lyrics from Fabolous on “My Time” and Ludacris …

T3kd StaffWhy Apple is still cool (NSFW)

T3KD Weekly Sixty Nine

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We made a pack this week to talk about anything but Apple. We did a pretty good job too. We talked about Google’s acquisition of Milk’s Kevin Rose and its impact on Google+, we talked about how frustrating it is to teach old people new technology tricks, and we discussed our top 5 current TV shows.

T3kd StaffT3KD Weekly Sixty Nine

T3KD Weekly Sixty Eight

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Well, we hope you like Apple. This week we talked a bunch about the big Fruit company. We talked about the new iPad, we talked about why people can’t get over talking about Apple, and we talked about possible companies competing with Apple. We tried a new intro, so let us know what you think.

T3kd StaffT3KD Weekly Sixty Eight

T3KD Weekly Sixty Seven

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This week we discuss Apple’s pending lawsuit over the iPad trademark in China, we discuss how technology enables college students to cheat and how to stop it, and we all agree on Windows 8′s impending doom.

T3kd StaffT3KD Weekly Sixty Seven

T3KD Weekly Sixty Five

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So this week we unveiled the first iPad 2 Giveaway Mission. If you don’t know what I’m talking about listen to the podcast. You can also see our post about the giveaway here.

T3kd StaffT3KD Weekly Sixty Five