Has Apple lost its way?

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Since the sad passing of Steve Jobs it seems to me that Apple has lost its way somewhat. That’s not to say that it has gone down the pan (as we Brits say), just that its lost its edge somewhat. It may still be raking in the billions but its starting to look like the Apple of the pre-Jobs days (before he returned to be crowned King the second time around). Some of us are old enough to remember those days, including me. Those were the days when Apple allowed others to make PCs that ran the Mac OS (they weren’t really Macs, despite running System 7). I had one ( and it had no end of issues with USB in particular. For example, to boot up you had to unplug your printer, every time! In the end the supplier took it back and swapped it for a genuine  Power Macintosh 7600. So, what exactly has got me feeling this way? Well, for starters lets talk about the Mac. By that I mean the non;laptop Macs. There was a time that Mac and Apple were virtually synonymous; now Apple means iPad or iPhone to most folk. When the computer press talked about Apple …

Steven DaleHas Apple lost its way?

Massive online sexual exploitation of young people

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As the father of teenagers I have struggled with getting the balance right between safe-guarding them whilst online and yet allowing them to benefit from the internet in terms of learning, self-expression and socialisation. As someone who has grown up with technology and is very confident with it I always wanted to help my kids gain as much as possible from computers and the internet. Its worrying therefore  to see the rise of online bullying, sexual exploitation of young people (in particular) and recent incidents such as having my own Twitter account hacked (along with 250,000 others). Another recent worrying trend is that of the number of sexual blackmailers harassing and terrorising young girls online, as reported by the FBI. So, what is the current state of play? Well, the 5th February 2013 was UK Safer Internet Day and a report has been published following this. This reports that a staggering 86% of 7-11 years-olds use some form of online communication tool (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and that this rises to 96% of young people age 11-19 years-olds. So its obvious that most young people are at risk of exploitation. When looking at the experience of young people online, the report says 36% of primary school children …

Steven DaleMassive online sexual exploitation of young people

Family History Online and the Internet

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Family History Online: As a family we recently had the sad experience of losing two close family members who were an important part of the family. One death was expected, the other totally unexpected. Like all deaths in the family, especially at Christmas time, these can be difficult to deal with and grief has many sides to it. However, I don’t want to focus on this aspect of the whole experience. Instead, I hope I can draw something positive out of this.   When someone dies, it’s like the words of a song by Cinderalla, ‘Don’t know what you got till it’s gone’. You suddenly wish you had spent more time with them, asked them tons of questions about their life and written down or somehow recorded funny or interesting stories about them. I guess this partly explains the explosion in interest about family history. Ancestry.com and other family history sites have millions of subscribers. In the process of course they make a lot of money in subscription fees, though many would argue that its worth it as such sites have revolutionised the task of researching one’s family tree.   The internet not only makes it possible to research your actual family tree, by which I mean …

Steven DaleFamily History Online and the Internet

Looking back on my technology in 2012

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2012 was a mixed year for me personally. There were good things and not so good. Without boring everyone with too much personal information that will be of no interest here are some of the highlights as they relate to technology and the use of technology: 1. I bought a new digital camera – the Samsung NX11 to take on a family holiday to Italy. It had been almost 25 years since my last visit to that beautiful land and I wanted to be able to capture some decent photographs. I chose the camera because it was light (much lighter than my daughter’s Nikon D3100 and also smaller), whilst still have a good resolution 14.6 MP and a decent sensor (23.4 x 15.6mm). It has received good reviews and my experience of Samsung technology in the past has been a positive one. Overall I am pleased with how the camera performed and for the money (£299.00 for body and 20-50mm lens) it was good value. The RAW editing software that came with the camera is not the most user-friendly but once you get used to its quirky interface its surprisingly powerful. One advantage I found over the larger Nikon is that you are less …

Steven DaleLooking back on my technology in 2012