Wii U won't have any Frostbite 3 games -- it doesn't support the engine

Wii U Continues to Shy away from Game Publishers

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The Wii U console from Nintendo has suffered from poor sales, poor reception, and a strange sort of self-demoralization since launch.  Not only does Nintendo seem oblivious to this decay in their fan base but they seem content to carry on with tactics that are guaranteed to dig an early grave for the Wii U.  Games like Crysis 3 were set to launch ont he console and would definitely have cemented the console’s “right to live” in the eyes of more “hardcore” gamers but Nintendo failed to engage with the publisher and let the title slip quietly off the console. Why?  Who knows — but they keep doing it. More Disappointing News from Wii U  Kotaku is reporting that Wii U has failed to fix the problems with their console that are keeping big name publishers from pushing their huge titles on the Wii U.  Games like The Witcher 3 and Thief (4 perhaps) will not appear on the console.  Neither will games like the Next Dragon Age or Mass Effect.  Why?  Because Nintendo has its head stuck solidly up its ass. The Wii failed on so many levels but forcing publishers and developers who were already working in HD graphics and with in-game sales models …

Robert PalmerWii U Continues to Shy away from Game Publishers

Xbox Live Updates Bring a Ton of New Content to the Console

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Microsoft has worked hard to turn the Xbox 360 console into something more than just a gaming rig.  They want it to be an all-in-one media and entertainment center and have been continually adding service to Xbox Live for years.  Their latest upgrade brings a ton of new content (some free and some paid — requiring subscriptions to third-party service such as HBO). New Xbox Live Content from Revision3, HBO, and More This latest update will put Revision3 (the current home of XPlay’s lead reviewer and game guru Adam Sessler) to your Xbox Live service. This Internet televisions production service boast that it makes the best TV shows on the Internet. There will also be independent films available on your Xbox Live service via IndieFlix — an upstart competitor to more established art-house publishers like IFC. And if you’ve downloaded the SmartGlass app for your portable device, you’ll be able to enjoy HBO Game of Thrones content as well.  Of course, you’ll have to have access to HBO and you will need a Windows 8 device or an S device in order to get that last bit. (If you don’t know, SmartGlass is the app that allows you to control, interact, and expand your Xbox 360 experience via …

Robert PalmerXbox Live Updates Bring a Ton of New Content to the Console
T-Mobile iPhone 5 to compete heavily with AT&T's handsets

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Models, Pricing, and Contract Details

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The announcement earlier this week stunned a lot of people:  the T-mobile iPhone 5 will be available soon — for cheap — without a contract!  that’s right, in a news conference earlier this week the carrier that’s struggling to turn itself around and take on the Big Boys like AT&T made some huge announcements. First, they said the T-Mobile LTE network is in testing in 9 cities across the country.  Then they announced that they’d be getting rid of their restrictive 2-year contracts and opening up a host of new plans to new people.  Then they announced that the T-Mobile iPhone 5 is a real thing and will be available (without a contract) for just $100 (upfront). T-Mobile iPhone 5 Pricing Scheme The announcement caused quite a stir and a lot of outlets struggled to get more details out of the company. Well, they’ve cleared the air a little bit and let their T-Mobile iPhone 5 pricing scheme out in the wild. Of course the $100 offer is for “qualified” persons (meaning you have to have good credit) but that doesn’t disqualify those with bad credit from getting the phone altogether — they’ll just have to pay more. So, the $100 down plan means you’ll …

Robert PalmerT-Mobile iPhone 5 Models, Pricing, and Contract Details

Play Console Games on Your Browser with Mozilla’s Unreal Port

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Console games have brought gaming to the masses in a way that PC exclusives could never do.  By making gaming affordable, console games have breached the exclusivity of the digital world and allowed everyone to get their hands on home entertainment of the highest quality.  Of course the debate about PC versus console games quality will continue to rage but Mozilla has stepped in with an interesting idea that may just change the dynamic.  the Company behind Firefox (the third most popular web browser — depending on whose statistics you believe) has announced that they’re looking for a way to bring console quality games to your web browser. Console Games On Your PC’s Web Browser It may sound like mission impossible but the company has spent a good deal of research funding on porting the popular Unreal Engine over to its web browser.  This would, essentially, allow console games such as BioShock Infinite to be played on a web browser without the need for either a dedicated gaming console or a gaming PC. Mozilla is currently constructing WebGL in order to port console game style 3D graphics to a simple web browser configuration. Mozilla Seeks to Make Browser Games Better than Angry Birds …

Robert PalmerPlay Console Games on Your Browser with Mozilla’s Unreal Port

Law Enforcement to Mandate Carriers Store Text Messages?

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In a disturbing Big Brother kinda of turn of events, law enforcement officials are banding together to pass legislation that would mandate all cellular carriers to store text messages.  the move would keep those texts on file for an indefinite amount of time for the sole purpose of making them available to law enforcement during criminal investigations.  It may sound okay at first but the safety and security of stored text messages alone is a whole messy can of worms.  Add to that the fact that nobody could be absolutely positive about how these agencies would be using these stored texts and you have a very controversial issue indeed. Bill Would Instruct Carriers to Store Text Message Incriminating or Otherwise CNET uncovered the request from “a constellation of law enforcement groups” that included those in several major cities across the United States. Word is that the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association, the National District Attorneys’ Association, and the National Sheriff’s Association are the three main leads behind this proposed legislation. The legality of asking carriers to store text messages will definitely be called into question but with testimony in hand leaders from these agencies have been repeatedly proposing this move to …

Robert PalmerLaw Enforcement to Mandate Carriers Store Text Messages?

T-Mobile LTE Testing in Multiple Cities (Finally)

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After years of passing of an inferior cellular network as 4G, T-Mobile LTE is finally right around the corner.  the news comes just weeks after a comprehensive third-party 4G network speed test discovered that T-Mobile was lagging behind all of the other nationwide carriers as far as speed was concerned (like light years behind).  The carrier currently only offers a HPSA+ network which it markets as 4G (but it’s really not). Is T-Mobile LTE Testing Coming to Your Town? The T-Mobile LTE testing is in isolated cities across the mop (and then not in the totality of any given city) but you could be (or maybe already are) benefitting from the necessary speed boost. Testing markets include: Denver Las Vegas Kansas City New Orleans New York San Diego San Jose Seattle As OpenSignal notes, these T-Mobile LTE testing sites will likely be the first cities in which the service is available when it goes full blast. T-Mobile LTE announcement Keep in mind, this is a test, only a test, but after years in development it looks like T-Mobile is very close to making the leap to offering an actual 4G LTE network. There is another hitch though.  Because T-Mobile LTE is, for all intents and …

Robert PalmerT-Mobile LTE Testing in Multiple Cities (Finally)
Borderlands 2 DLC Krieg playable Bandit

Borderlands 2 Just Got Better with Tons of New DLC Announced

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Gearbox announced several upcoming changes to its amazingly popular shooter Borderlands 2.  While the title has enjoyed huge success already and has been continually supported through multiple DLC releases, fans of Pandora and the vault hunters thereon will get even more goodies, guns, characters, and levels coming this April. Borderlands 2 DLC Brings More Leveling, a New Playable Character, and Much More Borderlands 2 has suffered from a level 50 cap since the game’s release. The Internet has cried out for months now trying to get Gearbox to increase that in order to facilitate additional skill building and the general elite feeling of being better than all of your friends. Thankfully, after April 2nd, players will be able to shoot for level 61. But the DLC promised to us at the PAX East conference offers so much more. Gearbox also showed off a new playable character in the Bandit class. Previously, bandits were solely NPC enemies, noted for their insanity, bad fashion sense, and foul mouths. Now you can play as one of those lovely miscreants. The new character, named Krieg, is a muscle-bound meathead with a whole new class of skills for players to exploit. Tiny Tina also made …

Robert PalmerBorderlands 2 Just Got Better with Tons of New DLC Announced

FAA May Soon Allow Tablets, eReaders, and More During Takeoff & Landing

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You may soon be able to use your eReader, tablet, or other select digital devices on airplanes during takeoff and landing.  That’s according to buzz from behind the scenes at the FAA.  The Verge reports that the Federal Aviation Administration is considering flyers to use such devices during the maneuvers if they can be used in “Airplane” mode — meaning Wi-Fi and cellular receivers off. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use your cellphones though.  Those digital devices will still be banned except during taxi maneuvers while the plane is on the tarmac. FAA Study Supports Rule Change The FAA launched a study last year and discovered that the ambient buzz from these devices doesn’t interfere with critical components of the aircraft. The study was the result of increasing pressure (according to an unnamed source who leaked info to the New York Times) to either allows these devices to be used or offer a credible explanation of why they can’t be used. The study also looked into such topics as policing these new policies, what exactly should and shouldn’t be allowed, and whether or not the individual rules should be left up to airlines or if the FAA would issue …

Robert PalmerFAA May Soon Allow Tablets, eReaders, and More During Takeoff & Landing
Google Glass Patent

Bill to Ban Google Glass While Driving (In West Virginia)

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Google Glass isn’t exactly controversial. It does look a little funky and may cause wearers to get “the eye” from passers-by but is there anything inherently wrong with wanting to be connected all the time? Apparently so, according to law makers in West Virginia. Gary Howell, a member of the state’s House of Delegates, has introduced legislation that will ban Google Glass while driving. West Virginia Seeks to Ban Google Glass Howell was “inspired” (according to Gizmodo) to write the bill — which will effectively ban Google Glass for all users while ont he road — after reading a review on CNET of search engine’s augmented reality device. Howell said that the young are, in general, unexperienced drivers and: (Feel free to add a “fangled” in there anywhere you like.) While Howell says it’s not the place of the United States government to protect people from themselves, he feels it is necessary to ban Google Glass while driving in order to protect non-users from those who adopt the new device as an accepted part of daily life.  It’s a sentiment that many can get behind as similar laws regarding other distractions are already on the books in many states across the nation.  Rather than a …

Robert PalmerBill to Ban Google Glass While Driving (In West Virginia)

RetroN 5 Gaming Console Plays All of Your Old Games!

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The RetroN 5 gaming console from Hyperkin allows users to play all of their old favorite cartridge games from the 16-bit through 32-bit without having to do major surgery on an ailing Nintendo or Sega.  This all-in-one gaming console is actually the fourth in line from Hyperkin (they skipped the RetroN 4 because the RetroN 5 is just so awesome) and allows players to easily continue their childhood fun with classic cartridge games from: Nintendo Super Nintendo Sega Genesis Famicon Game Boy Advanced Game Boy Game Boy Color Scheduled for a July release, the gaming console will retail for under $100 (according to Gizmodo) though no word on just how far under. As an added feature to those graphics snobs out there, the RetroN 5 console has an HDMI output and will automatically upscale video output to 720p — which really doesn’t matter because 16-bit Nintendo games aren’t going to look that great. The console will also feature just two controller ports because it used the standard Super Nintendo controller (or compatibles) to interact with all of the Nintendo titles save the older NES games. The NES port will pull double duty and work for the Famicon games as well. RetroN 5 Console Lets You Save Money On …

Robert PalmerRetroN 5 Gaming Console Plays All of Your Old Games!