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HTC First Drops to $0.99

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Facebook Home was released not too long ago, and just after that came the dedicated Facebook Phone, a device that had Facebook Home pre-installed and fully supported it. It turns out that there isn’t much of an interest in a device that is centered around Facebook, because the device has dropped from $99 to $0.99. Even though the device runs Facebook Home by default, it has a decent 4.3-inch 720p display, a Dual Core 1.4GHz processor, 16GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, and support for LTE. It also supports 1080p video recording. Initial impressions of the HTC first weren’t good, with many people complaining about the camera. I can’t see this succeeding simply because of all the complaints about Facebook Home. As good as Facebook may or may not be, either way no one wants a device that revolves around one product or service. Chat heads is good, but that’s about the only useful feature of it, and that’s built into messenger on every Android Device that has it.  

Paul ShireyHTC First Drops to $0.99
distracted driving

Distracted Driving is too Dumb to Fix

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A Little Introduction If you are a regular viewer of The 3 Cast, then you are most likely aware that on March 27th, I was in a motorcycle accident involving a vehicle. My version on the scene was that a guy pulled out in front of me (which he very much did). The version according to the guy that pulled out in front of me is that someone (other than a cop) waved him to move forward, causing him to pull out in front of me. There was no construction site, no semi in the middle of the road, just as clear as day. I’ll never know what really happened, but something inside me causes me to feel that he was most likely driving distracted. Either way he’s guilty, and I’m happy, despite not being able to walk. The point is, I was most likely a victim of distracted driving, and even if for some reason I wasn’t, many innocent people are each and every day. What is Distracted Driving? Now that distracted driving has finally become a legal issue, there are many questions that are brought up as to what exactly distracted driving is. In the 21st century, most people would …

Paul ShireyDistracted Driving is too Dumb to Fix

Twitter Music – Spotify’s Competitor

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In many ways, Spotify is a social network. Not only can you create playlist and share them with both your friends and the world, but there is integration with Facebook and Twitter. You can share songs that you are listening to on both Facebook and Twitter, and on Facebook, people can listen with you in real time to the music you are listening to. Spotify has become a great and popular way for people to discover new music. Some of you may remember Twitter Video, which was a complete disaster due to the high amount of pornographic content that began to be shared on it (go figure, it’s the internet). There is news that Twitter may be partnering with some TV media companies, so it’s obvious that Twitter still for whatever reason has interest in that form of media. Twitter has announced the launch of Twitter #music, which appears to currently only be available for iOS, but there is a web version as well at According to Twitter’s blog post, songs on the #music service, songs are currently picked from iTunes, Spotify, or Rdio. By default music previews will come from iTunes in the form of a preview, but …

Paul ShireyTwitter Music – Spotify’s Competitor

Apple’s Newest Map Competition Acquisition: WiFiSlam

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According to an article published yesterday by Reuters, Apple has acquired mapping application company WiFiSlam for “around $20 million.” An apple spokesman told Reuters that “Apple acquires smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.” While that statement is 100%, how hard is to say that Apple may be making another attempt at a maps application? Their last attempt was a complete disaster, so much that Tim Cook himself recommended Google Maps. What is WiFiSlam? It appears that at one time WiFiSlam did have a website at, but it has since then been removed, probably due to the acquisition. We were however, able to find some information on company information site AngelList. WiFiSlam is listed as a product that allows your smartphone to pinpoint its location in real-time using only “WiFi signals that are already present in buildings.” If I’m interpreting that statement correctly, you in theory wouldn’t even need to be connected to WiFi for this application to pinpoint your location, but I could be wrong. Obviously this pinpointed location is most likely not longitude and latitude, but rather location information that would be tailored perfectly for indoor navigation, something that Google is …

Paul ShireyApple’s Newest Map Competition Acquisition: WiFiSlam
Windows 8 Prices

Windows 8 to Blame for Decline in PC

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Even though I don’t think the PC is ever going to go away completely like some mobile device manufacturers would hope, there is no doubt that sales of the original PC has gone down in the consumer spectrum. Windows 8 was a big disappointment to a lot of Windows users simply because Microsoft took away the traditional user interface that they’ve always had, and went to a mobile environment on a desktop OS. In essence, saying that they no longer care about the power user market. However, some users have found using Windows 8 on a traditional PC to be somewhat easy and adaptable, so long as they have a touchscreen monitor or large touchpad. Jung Dong-soo – head of memory chips at Samsung – has expressed a strong distaste for Windows 8.  Dong-soo said the following about Windows 8 The global PC industry is steadily shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8. I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform. While I do agree with Dong-soo that Windows 8 was a major disappointment, performance wise it’s still a pretty good operating system, it’s just been received wrong. Is Windows 8 to Blame? No, Windows 8 …

Paul ShireyWindows 8 to Blame for Decline in PC
working from home

Yahoo Has BANNED Working From Home – Will It Work?

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It seems that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer really wants to make some drastic changes in the company to turn it around, because if you haven’t heard already, she has banned employees from working from home, a practice that is often praised and well accepted at other large corporations. Whether you agree with this or not, the real question is whether or not it will work. Let’s look at some basic pros and cons of working from home. Pros Relaxed environment Snack whenever you want Work in your PJs, or no clothes at all if you want Avoid traffic completely Cons Not in the office Will require more self motivation Conversing with coworkers will require video conference or phone call Now, those are just some very basic pros and cons that came off the top of my head. I’m sure that you could come up with a few more as well. However, those are the main ones. A Personal Experience Being mostly a freelancer/entrepreneur at the moment, I would be considered someone who works from home all the time. A few months ago, I got started on Elance, and I was doing tons of work to the point where I was …

Paul ShireyYahoo Has BANNED Working From Home – Will It Work?
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Automating Social Media – Should Tweets Go to Facebook?

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Social Media isn’t something that really gets talked about here very often on T3KD. I had an experience today that I thought would make a great blog post. If you didn’t already know, Twitter allows you to have your tweets that you send out (not including replies) to also be posted as statuses on Facebook. A lot of people I know use this feature, but should you send tweets to Facebook? Social Media Automation Ever heard of the term Social Media Automation? If you are active in Social Media and have been for a while, and especially if you do any sort of marketing, you have probably heard of and done this before. Social Media Automation is as simple as having your blog send out a tweet every time you update it, or having some blog posts share at random times of the day via Buffer or HootSuite. However, this can get even more extensive. Thanks to an IFTTT script, my Twitter account automatically follows someone and ads them to a special list any time they share one of my blog posts and include me in a reply. That’s another form of Social Media automation, it just isn’t one that would be …

Paul ShireyAutomating Social Media – Should Tweets Go to Facebook?

War on Piracy: Soon to Be the Most Expensive War

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According to an article from the New Zealand Herald, The Recording Industry Assocation of New Zealand has spent $250,000 trying to chase down music pirates, but has only been able to collect $616.57 in damages, and that was only from one person, might I add. If you do the math however, that’s a profit of -$249,383.43.The article goes on to state that there is a 3 strike policy for copyright notices, and after a third strike the association can order an offender to pay up to $15,000, which has yet to actually happen. Why has the Assocation spent so much money on chasing down pirates which usually won’t be able to pay the outrageous fees anyhow? According to the Rianz, they must pay $25 for each copyright notice they have an ISP send out. Rianz lastly goes on to say that they have tried to convince the government to lower the fee down to $2 a piece and would be sending around 5000 notices a month if they fee was lowered. Now here’s the deal. Why would any company or organization continue to spend that kind of money when they aren’t getting results. Do the math and so far the …

Paul ShireyWar on Piracy: Soon to Be the Most Expensive War

93% of British PCs Are Still Sold With Windows 7

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According to PC Pro, 93% of the computers in the UK are still being sold with Windows 7, even though Windows 8 has been available to OEMs since August 1st, 2012. Stores in the United States almost always go straight to the newest (and hopefully greatest) operating system upgrade the second they can lay their hands on it, but apparently that just isn’t the case in the UK. Either partnership policies there are different or they just got a ton of Windows 7 machines stockpiled once they saw the consumer preview of Windows 8. In the report from PC Pro, Paul Redford – Chairman of Computer Planet stated that originally “when Windows 8 was first released” they sold systems standard with Windows 8 “per Microsoft’s request”. Redford went on to state that his customers began to “specify systems with Windows 7″. Customers would have the product delivered and then request to have it changed to Windows 7, which “became a nightmare” for the company. One unlisted computer company told PC Pro that only 7% of their new PC orders have left the factory with Windows 8, which is very sad for Windows 8. Later in the article from PC Pro, one computer retailer stated that customers …

Paul Shirey93% of British PCs Are Still Sold With Windows 7