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How To Use Windows 7 Speech Recognition

How to use Windows 7 Speech Recognition!

In today’s market many people are trying to find cheaper ways to work more efficiently, write books, or dictate.  There are many programs on the market today that offer fast and easy solutions for dictating, launching programs, and scrolling the web. With today’s economy at its worst it is hard for many people to be able to afford the programs that are out there.  Many people do not realize that on their computer there already is a voice recognition program through Windows 7.  How using Windows 7 Speech Recognition will increase efficiency and make work more fun. Plus it is free, this software comes with Windows 7.

  • To begin, go to your bottom left corner of your computer screen click start button> control panel> ease of access> speech recognition> and then click on “start speech recognition”.  Once you click the program it will begin a general tutorial to explain how  this program works. Actually it is quite easy, with a walk through process, also will allow you to train the program to your voice.Start_speech_recognition_1

    Speech Recognition wizard to check mic
    Speech Recognition wizard to check mic
  • Once you have gone through and completed the tutorial part of the software;  I highly recommend you complete the form speech recognition tutorial for voice training.  This will allow the program to learn how you pronounce certain words, and how you pronounce certain letters and numbers.  The tutorial is a great program to complete, because it will teach you the basics such as dictation, basic commands, and how you can use the program with windows.

    Train your computer
    Train your computer
  • After the tutorial is complete you will see a speech recognition status bar at top center of your computer screen.  During your session helpful information will start to display in the status window.  You also will still be able to use your mouse during the time you have speech recognition program running.  Just remember to say “start listening” when you begin, and “stop Listening” when you finished.

    Speech Recognition bar
    Speech Recognition bar
  • Just remember the program still needs to learn the way you speak, so it is important for you to further train your computer to learn your voice.  This way your computer will learn gradually each time more and more how you speak.  The training will run through a series of sentences and tasks to read out loud during the training process.Reference_card_270x352

Do not worry if you forget how to use any of the software, or if you do not remember any of the commands.  At any time all you have to do is refer to the speech reference card for help.

Tip: please be sure to try memorizing keyboard shortcuts for actions you often perform.  Also remember to print the commands given to you in the tutorial, this way you will have them on hand if needed.  Good luck and have fun with it!

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Cleaning your laptop or notebook computer

How to Clean Your Laptop Computer!

Notebook fan dust
Notebook fan dust

How to Clean Your Laptop Computer! Cleaning your laptop computer, do it yourself cleaning solutions to help computers run smoother and last longer. Your computer could fry if you do not keep it free of dust, hair, and lint balls. Weather it is a laptop/notebook or desktop computer, this dust and debris can clog cooling vents.

Cleaning your laptop computer is a very important process in preventing your computer’s brain-the central processing unit(CPU)from heating up. Heat is the biggest reason that component failure happens in a computer, but regular cleaning could save costly fees and maintenance on the road.

When it comes to your laptop computer most people might be intimidated to open their computer’s case and clean it.


  • Phillips screwdriver or a standard flat tip screwdriver
  • A can of compressed air(which you could pick up than any computer dealer, or Office Supply store, or Wal-Mart )
  • Cotton swabs(do not use any cotton balls, due to the land they leave behind) Rubbing alcohol Lint free cloths, paper towels(use only anti-static cloths)
  • Plain water
  • Safety glasses,(but are optional)

Important: when doing any routine maintenance on any electronics, be sure to disconnect the power source before beginning.

Note: before opening any computer case be sure to consider your manufactures policies. Manufactures policies may vary, but in some cases opening your computer case may void warranty. Just be sure to check your warranty terms before continuing with the steps.


  • removing notebook case screws
    removing notebook case screws

    For laptop and notebook computers: make sure the computer is off, and disconnected from any power source. Then take the computer and set it upside down on a table or other stable work surface. I would suggest placing a towel or paper cloth under the computer to prevent any scratches or scuff marks. First thing would be to remove the battery. Any vents on these laptops are generally on the underside, secured to the case with several screws. Typically these are very small phillips screws that may very and length. Be sure to have a container on the table to keep track of all screws and parts removed.

  • Once you have the case off of the laptop, be sure to touch as little as possible inside the computer; you want to keep your fingers away from the cords and any wires. The main goal is to look for dust bunnies or hair lodged in the nooks and on the fan itself. You want to try to remove any dust bunnies very carefully with cotton swab or cue-tip. I strongly recommend avoiding touching any components and using a can of compressed air. Keeping the nozzle of the can of compressed air 4 inches always from the machine while blowing the air. Be sure to blow air into the power supply box and into the fan, but be sure to spray the air in short bursts at the fan to prevent any damage. You want to try to support the fan gently to prevent over spinning the fan unit and causing damage while spraying the compressed air.

    Using a lint free cloth
    Using a lint free cloth
  •  Next you want to blow the compressed air in a way that it blows away from the crevices and does not drive it deeper in. Safety glasses are a good idea to keep the flying dust out of your eyes!
  •  Lastly, be sure to blow in the floppy disk, CD/DVD drives, and I/O ports. Making sure you do not do it aggressively! Last but not least wipe the inside cover with a lightly moist and static free cloth, making sure it is dry before replacing it.

  ” says Jonathon Millman, chief technology officer for Hooplah Interactive“recommends doing this every three months if your case it’s one the floor, or if you have pets, or smoke. Otherwise every 6 to 8 months is fine.

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Virus on your computers.

How To Do General Maintenance and Malware Removal

Malware has many forms
Malware has many forms

How to do general maintenance and Malware Removal! Malware is a generic term used to describe pop-ups, trojans, adware, viruses, spyware, etc.  So we will begin by discussing where to go on the Internet to find free Malware removal software.  Nowadays it is very hard to locate good free Malware removal software online. I came across a great website with plenty of information for most problems you might be having on your computer.

Please begin this process by going to web site:  At the top left side of the webpage you will find a toolbar across the top of the webpage, begin by clicking: “AntiMalware toolkit“. Just below that you will see the word toolkit, just below that you will find the download link for: Malwarebytes.  Click the link and follow the simple how to instructions for the free download software trial.  Just below the Toolkit link, you will find 2 additional links for other programs that I strongly recommended to download.


These programs do not take up that much space on your computer and can be used with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.  Begin by clicking the link: SuperAntiSpyware free version, be sure you wait for each download to complete before attempting the next one!  For the final download click the link: ComboFix, and follow the simple download instructions. For any additional help during this process please refer to this web sites:  

For anyone who does not normally do general maintenance on their own computer, I am sure this will seem very overwhelming.  Believe me this is as simple as surfing the Internet, so don’t worry!  Before you begin please be sure to back up your documents to an external media.  I am referring to a flash drive (USB stick), external hard drive or CD/DVD.  If you are not sure how to back up your documents and media, please refer to the following website:

The first thing you are going to do is double-click the shortcut own your desktop that says Malware bytes, and follow the simple instructions.  Make sure all updates our current, and proceed with a complete scan.  Once you run through this can any Malware, or infected files will appear on the screen.  At this point view the infected files then remove or quarantine them.  After all Malware is quarantined, close out program.


In addition to the first scan, we will run through a full scan with SuperAntiSpyware.  Double click the program leave the setting on low energy, and complete a full scan.  Depending on how much Malware, or viruses you have won your computer; the system will probably reboot itself after each scan.  Once you have completed both full scans, quarantined all Malware, and the computer has finished rebooting successfully,  there’s one final step I recommend.


Click your start button in the bottom left corner of your desktop , click on all programs, click on accessories, and click system tools.  Under our system tools you want to click disk cleanup.  You want to run a scan of your C drive, be sure to check mark each box to the left once the scan is complete, and in the bottom right corner click clean.  After this program is done running it would be good to run a final reboot of your PC.

For any additional questions and problems; please refer to our website: or

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Google Search image unzipped

Useful Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google Search image
Google Search image

Below we will go through many Google Search tips and some of the great tricks you can use on Google. Many people do not use or even know about some of the simple things they could do to make life easier on Google Search. Below you will find some of those tips and tricks to get you started on Google!


Did you know when searching a words definition, all you have to do is type “define” followed by the words you are searching for. For an example, typing: “define salvage” would display that specific words definition.
Looking up Phone Numbers

When looking for a specific address on someone, someone who you only have a phone number for. Did you know all you need to do to recover a full address on that number, is enter their full phone number, including area code in the search!

Local Search

When looking up a place of interest on Google, just begin by visiting Google + Local. You want to begin the search by entering the key word of the place of interest. For example, typing: “taverns” in the above link would display all local taverns in that area.

Searching For Movies and Weather

When searching for the weather and a specific area, type ” weather ” followed by the zip code city or state in the area of interest. When searching for movies in a specific city or state, you would also type “movies” followed by the zip could city or state of interest. For example, typing: “weather 18969” would give you the current weather in the Telford, Pennsylvania.

Shortcuts For Web Sites

When wanting to type a specific website address in while using the Google, all you need is the name of the specific sites with .com, Most people have the habit of typing (WWW) before the address, and it is not needed to complete a search.

Google Translate image
Google Translate image


Translations of text or full web pages are easy by doing your search using (Google Language Tools). If you are already on a page that needs translated, just right-click all and translate.

Tracking Packages or In Airline Flights

Most people do not realize how easy it is to track packages and airline flights through Google. Begin by entering the airline and flight number to display the current status of the airline flights and the designated arrival times. For example, type: USA, and the flight number to display any information that is available.


Did you know you can use your Google search as a calculator? It is as simple as typing in 1 + 1, which would display results as 2. So when you’re in a hurry, just use Google Search.

When wanting to see a specific picture of an item such as a new haircut styles, video games, and automobiles; just type in what you would like to see a picture of and click images at the top of the screen.

Google product images
Google product images

Searching Specific File Types

All you need to remember is the specific type of file you are looking for. This will then only display results for a match to that certain file type. For example type: filetype:jpeg to display only files with images.

Finding Local Time Zones

This is a short and fast easy trick! In the Google Search, type: time with any city for local time zone. For example, type: time Harrisburg Pennsylvania, this would display the time and Day for Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

They are really too many tips and tricks to mention in this one article alone. Take some time and play around with the Google Search Engine, and I am sure you will come up with some great tricks too.

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wet phone solutions

4 Steps To Salvage Wet Electronics and Cell Phones

steps to salvage wet electronics
Cell phone solutions

The first thing is to remember to act fast! You do not want your small electronic or cell phone to stay wet for no longer than in has too. I am sure all of us have been in this situation where we have dropped our iPhone, cell phone, or any small electronic in the swimming pool, a puddle of water, maybe ran it through the washing machine, or dropped it out of our back pockets into the toilet. The word “panic” and anxiety does not cover what we feel at that very moment; as like the panic of losing family photos, important contact information and downloads. Here are some steps to salvage wet electronics gear.

In addition, to replace a cell phone it is generally not covered under your insurance. Almost all cell phone companies do not have coverage for water damage. There are a couple of methods that you can try to remove the moisture. Such as using a can of compressed air, dry uncooked rice, or there are bags known as Bheesties. are a great product if you have them around at the time of your emergency. These were designed to dry out small Bheersties electronics and cell phones. These bags sell for $20.00 each plus shipping and handling, and are available at

  1. The first step would be to remove the battery and the SIM card right away. Without trying to see if the phone is working or powers up. I know this is the first thing everybody wants to do in the state of panic is to see if you lost anything! Please avoid this temptation to avoid creating any short circuits. The goal is to try to speed up the drying process without damaging the device any further. I know many people have tried, or ran for the hair dryer, which is normally too hot for the device.
  2. In some cases if you do not have any of the following items to try, but you do have a hair dryer; you can do step one, following with the hair dryer on low, at the coolest setting.
  3. A can of compressed air can be used as another choice if available. Follow step one, and then go ahead and gently blow out the moisture from the electronic device.
  4. Okay, so you do not have compressed air or blow dryer. Please stay calm and go to the kitchen and find some uncooked white rice. Place a few handfuls of uncooked white rice into a bowl or plastic bag (Bag A), then place the cell phone or electronic device into another separate bag (Bag B).

When using a bag with the uncooked white rice you want to avoid placing the device directly in the rice, due to the dust from the rice. Do so by placing the device and battery in separate bags by themselves, and remember to leave the bags open. Place the bag onto a dry warm surface, not hot; wait for 6 to 12 hours, or 24 to 48 hours, depending on how wet the device is. Personally I have tried the rice method and it worked very well.

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