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How To Use Windows 7 Speech Recognition

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How to use Windows 7 Speech Recognition! In today’s market many people are trying to find cheaper ways to work more efficiently, write books, or dictate.  There are many programs on the market today that offer fast and easy solutions for dictating, launching programs, and scrolling the web. With today’s economy at its worst it is hard for many people to be able to afford the programs that are out there.  Many people do not realize that on their computer there already is a voice recognition program through Windows 7.  How using Windows 7 Speech Recognition will increase efficiency and make work more fun. Plus it is free, this software comes with Windows 7. To begin, go to your bottom left corner of your computer screen click start button> control panel> ease of access> speech recognition> and then click on “start speech recognition”.  Once you click the program it will begin a general tutorial to explain how  this program works. Actually it is quite easy, with a walk through process, also will allow you to train the program to your voice. Once you have gone through and completed the tutorial part of the software;  I highly recommend you complete the …

Mellany KnoblHow To Use Windows 7 Speech Recognition
Cleaning your laptop or notebook computer

How to Clean Your Laptop Computer!

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How to Clean Your Laptop Computer! Cleaning your laptop computer, do it yourself cleaning solutions to help computers run smoother and last longer. Your computer could fry if you do not keep it free of dust, hair, and lint balls. Weather it is a laptop/notebook or desktop computer, this dust and debris can clog cooling vents. Cleaning your laptop computer is a very important process in preventing your computer’s brain-the central processing unit(CPU)from heating up. Heat is the biggest reason that component failure happens in a computer, but regular cleaning could save costly fees and maintenance on the road. When it comes to your laptop computer most people might be intimidated to open their computer’s case and clean it. Preparation Phillips screwdriver or a standard flat tip screwdriver A can of compressed air(which you could pick up than any computer dealer, or Office Supply store, or Wal-Mart ) Cotton swabs(do not use any cotton balls, due to the land they leave behind) Rubbing alcohol Lint free cloths, paper towels(use only anti-static cloths) Plain water Safety glasses,(but are optional) Important: when doing any routine maintenance on any electronics, be sure to disconnect the power source before beginning. Note: before opening any computer …

Mellany KnoblHow to Clean Your Laptop Computer!
Virus on your computers.

How To Do General Maintenance and Malware Removal

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How to do general maintenance and Malware Removal! Malware is a generic term used to describe pop-ups, trojans, adware, viruses, spyware, etc.  So we will begin by discussing where to go on the Internet to find free Malware removal software.  Nowadays it is very hard to locate good free Malware removal software online. I came across a great website with plenty of information for most problems you might be having on your computer. Please begin this process by going to web site:  At the top left side of the webpage you will find a toolbar across the top of the webpage, begin by clicking: “AntiMalware toolkit“. Just below that you will see the word toolkit, just below that you will find the download link for: Malwarebytes.  Click the link and follow the simple how to instructions for the free download software trial.  Just below the Toolkit link, you will find 2 additional links for other programs that I strongly recommended to download. These programs do not take up that much space on your computer and can be used with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.  Begin by clicking the link: SuperAntiSpyware free version, be sure you wait for …

Mellany KnoblHow To Do General Maintenance and Malware Removal
Google Search image unzipped

Useful Google Search Tips and Tricks

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Below we will go through many Google Search tips and some of the great tricks you can use on Google. Many people do not use or even know about some of the simple things they could do to make life easier on Google Search. Below you will find some of those tips and tricks to get you started on Google! Definitions Did you know when searching a words definition, all you have to do is type “define” followed by the words you are searching for. For an example, typing: “define salvage” would display that specific words definition. Looking up Phone Numbers When looking for a specific address on someone, someone who you only have a phone number for. Did you know all you need to do to recover a full address on that number, is enter their full phone number, including area code in the search! Local Search When looking up a place of interest on Google, just begin by visiting Google + Local. You want to begin the search by entering the key word of the place of interest. For example, typing: “taverns” in the above link would display all local taverns in that area. Searching For Movies and …

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wet phone solutions

4 Steps To Salvage Wet Electronics and Cell Phones

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The first thing is to remember to act fast! You do not want your small electronic or cell phone to stay wet for no longer than in has too. I am sure all of us have been in this situation where we have dropped our iPhone, cell phone, or any small electronic in the swimming pool, a puddle of water, maybe ran it through the washing machine, or dropped it out of our back pockets into the toilet. The word “panic” and anxiety does not cover what we feel at that very moment; as like the panic of losing family photos, important contact information and downloads. Here are some steps to salvage wet electronics gear. In addition, to replace a cell phone it is generally not covered under your insurance. Almost all cell phone companies do not have coverage for water damage. There are a couple of methods that you can try to remove the moisture. Such as using a can of compressed air, dry uncooked rice, or there are bags known as Bheesties. are a great product if you have them around at the time of your emergency. These were designed to dry out small Bheersties electronics and cell …

Mellany Knobl4 Steps To Salvage Wet Electronics and Cell Phones