Are Cyber Attacks something to worry about?

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There have been several high-profile cyber attacks in the last few of weeks. Chinese hackers attacked the New York Times and Wall Street Journal; Facebook and Apple were also the targets of malicious software attacks in the past. The question is whether or not this is something that regular consumers should be worried about. For the most part, cyber attack coverage is FUD If you aren’t aware FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. For the most part the media blows most of these cyber attack stories way out of proportion. In other words, the media perpetuates FUD. Nothing sells newspapers more than fear. If companies do their updates and protect their data with backups, cyber attacks are hardly ever as bad as the media makes them out to be. The Apple and Facebook hacks for instance, were the result of employees of the two companies visiting a site with malicious code on it. The code took advantage of a known flaw in Java, and some employee’s computers were infected. No consumer data was affected in either case, but the media went crazy with headlines like “Apple admits to being hacked!!!!!!!!!!” or “Facebook’s data put in jeopardy by hackers!!!!!!!!!!!” Neither …

Matthew WeberAre Cyber Attacks something to worry about?
Spotlight in iOS 7

Spotlight in iOS 7

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If you’re a dev and are playing around with iOS 7, you may have noticed that spotlight, iOS’s search feature, appears to be gone in iOS 7. However, Spotlight in iOS 7 is still available. Here’s how to get to it. On any homescreen, simply pull down on the icons. Don’t pull down from the top, since that brings down notification center. Literally place your finger anywhere below that and pull down. The motion is similar to when you are scrolling up on a webpage in Mobile Safari. Here’s a picture of what Spotlight in iOS 7 looks like.

Matthew WeberSpotlight in iOS 7
the 3 cast

Dr. Pepper – The 3 Cast #120

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Blackberry is dead, Bill Gates is dumb, and streaming won’t ever come. That and more on this episode of The 3 Cast. Hosts: Matt Weber, Vincent Hui, Paul Shirey Topics: Blackberry and the government, Bill Gates and Tablets, Streaming music

Matthew WeberDr. Pepper – The 3 Cast #120

The Future of Music

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Back in the early part of this century, iTunes had just come out of Apple’s ovens. It wasn’t very good, and had a crappy selection of music. Now, almost 15 years later, iTunes is the dominant force not only in digital music, but music as a whole. The future, however, does not include sitting down at your computer to download the latest Adele album. No, the future for most people will include paying a subscription for access to millions of tracks. The Future is here. Streaming subscription services have been around for almost a decade. The first was Rhapsody, which was a relaunched product, and Napster soon followed in a relaunch of its own. Streaming music services didn’t really become popular until Spotify launched in Europe in 2010. By the time that Spotify launched in the US, people were clamoring madly for the service and had reached out to alternatives like Rdio. What Spotify did that made people really warm to the streaming model was give away the service for free by showing ads. This allowed them to bring in revenue without burdening the customer with a monthly bill. It also got them used to the idea of having access …

Matthew WeberThe Future of Music