Google puts out a new laptop: Chromebook Pixel

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Google has been making strides to increasing its presence in the physical market. Almost anybody knows of Android and Google’s new browser, which is Chrome. Now Google has unveiled a new laptop, which is known as Chromebook Pixel. This laptop features touchscreen capabilities, a powerful chipset and a high resolution display. It is available on the Google Play store and will be shipped sometime in April it features a 13 inch screen and has a resolution of 4.3 million pixels, while the current Microsoft laptops only have half that amount in the Google Chromebook actually beats the MacBook retina. Google And Its New Laptop The Chromebook Pixel will ship in two versions, but both will include the Intel Core i5. One version will be Wi-Fi only and the other will be able to connect to Verizon’s own network. Google has claimed that it has a battery that will last five hours. It has the application QuickOffice and contains an inlet port SD card. The price for this is actually rather expensive. The Wi-Fi only model has a prize of nearly $1300, while the other one has a price of $1449. On the one hand, Google has said that this new …

Matthew MallicoatGoogle puts out a new laptop: Chromebook Pixel

Playstation 4: cloud is the future for it

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The PlayStation 4 has been released to much fanfare and there have been many changes that have taken place since the seven years that the PlayStation three was released. In terms of raw power, Sony crafted this new product with an AMD Jaguar, a PC style graphics processors and a whopping 8 GB of RAM. Sony showed off the debut of this new PlayStation with two new games. However, it is being pushed as a cloud type of device.  PlayStation 4: what lies within While the individual performance of the PlayStation for is indeed impressive, this new product has its future in the cloud, unique streaming opportunities. It allows users to stream select PlayStation four games to their handheld PlayStation Vitas. This allows the small console to have more power than you previously had and those who own a PlayStation 4 will be able to stream titles to their PlayStation. There is no need to download or have any type of legacy hardware, as all the titles are available on a remote server. Of the games are available, they include those which the trail back to the original PlayStation. This is an exciting new step for the PlayStation and Sony …

Matthew MallicoatPlaystation 4: cloud is the future for it

Was China Alone in the Cyberattacks?

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A Java vulnerability that was worn by the Homeland Security Department was responsible for computers and even entire companies to be left vulnerable to the activities of hackers. A multitude of companies, including Twitter, Facebook, the Washington Post, Bloomberg and even the New York Times of all claiming there were attacks on the networks. For some of them, the attacks were relatively minor and no user account information or any other type of confidential information was sacrificed. With all of these attacks, it was believed by many to be the work of none other than China itself. Just yesterday, it was reported that security group in Virginia had discovered evidence that the attacks were centered in the building located near Shanghai.  What was China’s response? China has not taking any of this lying down. Today, the Chinese military denied the hacking allegations made by the tech company in Virginia. Now there are reports that an Eastern European group has also packs such companies as Apple, Facebook and twitter, in addition to several other smaller hacks. On Tuesday, Apple confirmed that some of the employee computers have been compromised after they visit a website for iPhone developers and Facebook said that …

Matthew MallicoatWas China Alone in the Cyberattacks?

Group Mandiat Points Finger at China

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For so long, people in America have been pointing the finger at China for a series of cyber attacks that targeted such places as the Washington Post, Facebook and twitter. For some of these attacks, it was estimated that user account information was compromised. All of these attacks were due to a Java vulnerability, which was hatched earlier this month, or so many have hoped. Things got so severe that the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning to the American people to disable Java until an appropriate patch was released.  Java and China The group that has linked China to the attack is a Virginia-based Mandiant. This company compiled a 60 page report that was published on Tuesday and described a six-year. This group observed a group of hackers stealing hundreds of terabytes of data, from 141 organizations across 20 industries around the world since 2006. All of this activity was traced the four networks near Shanghai. This is also the headquarters of the Unit 61398, which is a secret division of the Chinese military. The sheer size of this operation leaves little doubt that it was at least in part supported by the Chinese military. China, predictably, has …

Matthew MallicoatGroup Mandiat Points Finger at China

Facebook is the Victim of An Attack

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Facebook is in one of the unlucky companies. It seems that has been a bad month for companies, as many of them are now vulnerable to hacks. It can be remembered for the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and even twitter have claimed they’ve been the victims of hacks. Now to add to the troubles, Facebook has admitted that they had been the victim of an attack that took place in January. As of now, nothing is known for certain, yet many people are pointing fingers at various groups, one of which is located in China. All of this is merely speculation and Facebook has not released anything who they believe is responsible for these attacks. How is Facebook attacked? According to insiders at Facebook, some employees visited a compromised site and the machines were infected with malware. Facebook then contacted law enforcement and they began an investigation. As of now, Facebook has not released any details related to this case. Twitter announced a similar attack that took place, which had been attributed to a group in China, yet that has yet to be proven. Neither Facebook or twitter has mentioned this. Facebook has found no evidence any user …

Matthew MallicoatFacebook is the Victim of An Attack

Ubuntu: Operating System for Android

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One of the most popular mobile distributions that is utilized by Linux announced a developer preview of its new mobile operating system, Ubuntu. Is available for release on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 on February 21. This new operating system for the Android is being developed by Canonical. It brought one code base to its mobile devices, including tablets and even desktops and TVs.  Android and The Operating System It is important to keep in mind that Canonical has stressed that this is a developer preview and not the finalized code, so it will not be available on majority of devices. Users of the Android should be expecting more details. The new operating system for the Android will be available at the Mobile World Congress later in February in Barcelona. Those who attend can have their phones flashed to the new Android operating system. This new operating system is intended for enthusiasts and developers. It allows them to port the platform to other devices and supports a wide variety of screen sizes and resolutions. In other words, it is meant to be compatible with as many Android devices as possible. This release is a new chapter for Ubuntu, which …

Matthew MallicoatUbuntu: Operating System for Android

Security flaw in Apple’s iOS 6.1

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Apple has been facing many new challenges, as they alter the specs of the MacBook Pro and put up with rumors of new iPhones, which have yet to be proven. On the heels of the IOS operating system that allowed for a very famous jail breaking, the Apple company has discovered a security flaw in iOS 6.1.  Apple And Other Security Problems This security breach is present in the iPhone five and can be exploited on any phone running IOS 6.1, as well as some earlier versions. The technique for breaking into the iPhone came as a result of a Spanish-speaking user named ‘videosdebarraquito.’ This user posted a video that showed him altering the settings of the iPhone. It was published on the last day of January and was discovered later by tech bloggers. In this video, it showed the user using a phone to make another call to a phone, and then canceling it. He then answered with the target phone and fiddled with the power button. According to him, this technique can be used to access other parts of the phone, but the validity of that is still in question. He urged users to only use this technique …

Matthew MallicoatSecurity flaw in Apple’s iOS 6.1

iPhone and MacBook Pro: Changes for Apple

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There are changes coming for to love Apple’s greatest products, the iPhone and the Mac book Pro. Both of these products are facing changes, whether it is due to increased pressure and decreased demand. The MacBook Pro had its specs changed and in Brazil, Apple has lost the right to use the name iPhone. Apple and its iPhone BBC reported that Gradiente Eletronica has the right to use the name iPhone in Brazil and that means that Apple does not have the right to use the name iPhone in Brazil. Obviously, Apple will plan to appeal the ruling. This isn’t just a matter of a name for Apple, but for an identity. For years, Apple has used the name iPhone in virtually every country that is sold to. Apple and the MacBook Pro Anyone who has ever owned an Apple is familiar with the MacBook Pro. Of all Apple products is by far one of the most expensive in one of the most sought after among Apple enthusiasts. Apple dropped the prices of its MacBook Pro series of laptops. The 13 inch model is $200 less there had been previously, at a price of $1500. A higher capacity 256 GB …

Matthew MallicoatiPhone and MacBook Pro: Changes for Apple

Cloud- Free Storage Options Out There

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The cloud refers to a virtual storage medium that is used by many businesses and individuals to automatically stored data, whether it is to back up or shared data across multiple devices and computers. There is so many options available for cloud storage, that it would be virtually impossible to cover all that not once. Virtual Cloud Storage Options For those users looking for free storage options available on the cloud, here are some grades alternatives to paying a subscription fee. These services offer limited storage and the ability to pay for even more storage. While it may not be the right choices for many people because of the size limitation, they are just perfect for the occasional user and/or those who may not have very much. Dropbox: This is one of the best-known storage options available. There is no limit on file size when uploading from the desktop application and works across many different operating systems. The free service allows you 2 GB of storage and additional 500 MB with friends register. Amazon Cloud Drive: When a user purchases music from Amazon, is automatically stored on the cloud Drive for free. However, Amazon has been criticized for how it …

Matthew MallicoatCloud- Free Storage Options Out There

Rumors for iPhone 5S Circulating

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Rumors have been circulating that the iPhone would be continued in iPhone 5S. However, recently photos surfaced that showed this new iPhone, courtesy of a Chinese website,, which was busted by Times of India. These photos showed front and rear panels of the preproduction models of the iPhone 5S. These are still rumors, so it is important to remember that they may or may not be true.  IPhone 5S: Fact or Fiction Just last week, the iPhone 5S and is another one the iPhone 6 came to light, according to a Chinese blog site names Sina Tech. However, this information came secondhand from one of their users. The iPhone 6 is claimed to be wider, longer and much thinner. However, both of these phones are still debated and Intel Apple releases official statements, they should be considered only rumors. In December, a French website claimed they had received photos of the iPhone 5s. According to these photos, this new iPhone would be very similar to that of the iPhone 5. This would follow the format that Apple has used in the past in regards to releasing iPhones.  What Is The Validity Of These Rumors? Since the death of Steve …

Matthew MallicoatRumors for iPhone 5S Circulating