The Unforeseeable Future of Windows Phone

The following is a guest post by David Ingram of My Social Agency.

The smartphone market is possibly the most competitive in the world at the moment. However, for the most part it’s Apple and Samsung who are slugging it out for top position, with Samsung considerably in the lead right now.

Microsoft was a somewhat late arrival to the smartphone revolution and it’s this that leaves the Windows Phone trailing. Add to this the lack of apps that are currently available for Windows Phone, when compared to Apple and Android, and it’s easy to see why it still hasn’t taken off to any great extent.

Offer Windows Phone developers bribes

Following on in the footsteps of RIM, which offered devs a $10,000 bonus if their app made it through the submissions process into the Blackberry app store, Microsoft has launched its own rewards program.

They are offering $100 for all Windows 8 apps published between March 8th and June 30th, with devs able to submit up to 10 each. This may go some way to addressing the lack of apps, but only if developers play ball.

However, much like with RIM, terms apply and devs can’t just submit any old rubbish. Apps must be submitted and approved and do have to be quite functional, an app that just opens up a browser to a mobile web won’t cut the mustard

Too little, too late?

Whether this will be enough for the Windows Phone to catch up with Samsung and Apple is quite unlikely though. The gap is simply too large and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been dubbed the world’s favorite phone, and this was before the shiny new Galaxy S4 was launched.

However, the ‘smoked by Windows Phone’ advertising campaign is about to heat up and air on US TV this week, so we could see some changes if the campaign is a success. The ad campaign first appeared at CES in 2012 and then went on to YouTube where it showed a series of challenges to prove that the Lumia 920 is better than the S3.

The ad shows that the Nokia Lumia allegedly has a better camera than the S3, especially in low-light and has a voiceover which says: “Say hello to the Nokia Lumia and goodbye to bad smartphone photos”.


Will this be enough to convince consumers that the S3 is substandard? Doubt it. Besides anything else, it doesn’t address the app problem, which is the main beef of users.

Time will tell though, it’s a vague possibility that we may see Microsoft turn its current problems around and begin making gadgets and OS’ that people like again.

Bio: David is the SEO whizz at My Social Agency and has spent many years in the business, previously working with well-known brands in UK retail and entertainment. A family man, David is also a self-taught developer and has a genuine and driving passion for his work.


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Gaming devices for 2013

Did you make any new year’s resolutions and are you still sticking to them? If so and they involve gaming at an online casino, then keep your eyes peeled because 2013 is set to become the year when smart glasses come of age, and when they do your whole gaming experience will rise to a new dimension.

Smart glasses such as Google Glass and the recently rumoured Microsoft smart glass provide a whole new world of virtual reality. Instead of starring at a screen we will be able to combine our virtual world with the real one. This will have a huge impact on the world of mobile computing, connectivity augmented reality, and gaming. Mobile gaming is still on the rise, and online casinos are in fierce competition to develop the best apps and functionality for mobile casino gaming.

The latest development in the world of smart glass is from Vuzix. Essentially this is a single eye device which provides an entirely hands-free mobile communications and display, connecting the user to online gaming through their smartphone and smart Bluetooth. It uses the Android OS for running applications and gaming apps can be downloaded directly to the smart glass or installed on your smartphone.

With this device you can also stay connected all the time. It even includes a video camera so you can record video, still shots and audio as you go, along with GPS and a head tracker. It even looks quite cool and relatively un-intrusive – a little like a rather large Bluetooth headset. The device uses voice communications. We look forward to these featuring in gaming.

There is a downside though; it will be available about mid 2013, though the launch price is expected to be around £1,000. Google Glass is not likely to be very much cheaper at launch either, and it is expected to arrive on the market at around the same time. However Google Glass looks cumbersome for mobile gaming and a bit geeky, while the Vuzix device looks cool and funky – time will tell which one will have the best approach to mobile gaming. No doubt these prices will fall fairly quickly, and we can’t wait until they do.

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