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How to Boot to the Desktop And Skip Metro UI in Windows 8

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Windows 8 is known for its tile-d interface, which begins right from the Start screen when the user logs in.While many believe that the glance-and-go model of the new UI is the future, many hate change and the extra steps it requires to get something done. There is no middle ground, you either love the metro UI or you absolutely hate it! But with this simple tutorial, you can now skip the Modern UI completely and directly boot straight to the desktop with a quick trick. This when combined with third–party Start menu applications like “ViStart” or “Start8” eliminates the need to use the Modern UI. Creating the Shortcut to First step is to open a Notepad which is done by pressing the windows Key from the desktop to access Metro and then typing Notepad at the Start screen and hitting Enter. Paste the below text into a new file: Save the file with the .scf file extension. For example, ShowDesktop.scf This is same shortcuts the “Show Desktop” button that was found in the Quick Launch area on Windows XP. Using the Task Scheduler By using the Task Scheduler, the user can set the shortcut to automatically run when the …

Anand SHow to Boot to the Desktop And Skip Metro UI in Windows 8
cloud print from any android device

How to Setup Google Cloud Print on Android

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Generally, printing a document is a piece of cake. Open the appropriate application, load the file that has to be printed and click on “PRINT”.  However, this process gets a little tricky when it is an Android device, as one has to email or copy the particular file from the Android device to the PC in order to give it for print. Cloud Print makes printing easier again. What is Cloud Print? It is a service provided by Google which has many features. It can be used to print files from an Android device directly using a compatible printer and eliminating the involvement of the PC. This service can be used on a regular printer too but a few things have to be done to do so. First step is to make sure that the user uses the Google Chrome. Secondly, it has to be made sure that both the printer and the PC to which it is connected are switched on when it is required to print a document. The third step is to install the Cloud Print App. How to configure Chrome? Open the Chrome browser on the PC. Click on the menu button which is at the …

Anand SHow to Setup Google Cloud Print on Android
acer iconia w3 leaked pictures

Acer Iconia W3 – A 8.1 Inch Windows 8 Tablet Leaked on Amazon

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At the Build Conference that is scheduled for the end of June, Microsoft is expected to launch a number of devices. According to a French website MiniMachines, Acer will be launching an 8-inch Windows 8 tablet. If this is true then Acer will be the first company to offer a Windows 8 tablet at a handy size. The above image was found on Amazon for a brief period before being pulled confirming the existence of the 8.1 inch windows 8 tablet. This tablet called the Acer Iconia W3 will sport a 8.1 inch display and have a 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Z2760 processor along with 2GB of RAM. There is no information regarding the display resolution of this tablet yet. While the following leaked spec image seems to convey that the Acer Iconia W3 will be powered by an Apple A4 processor, we would recommend taking it with a sack of salt! We expect it to be powered by an Atom CPU when it launches. As expected the tablet will have both front and rear cameras and a keyboard accessory is also expected. This 8 inch tablet is expected to be available in markets by September 2013. Acer has two …

Anand SAcer Iconia W3 – A 8.1 Inch Windows 8 Tablet Leaked on Amazon
how to install iis8 on windows8

How to Install IIS 8 on Windows 8

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The IIS is one among the first few things a Web Developer using ASP.NET would want to install on the Windows 8. The Internet Information Services (IIS) which was formerly known as the Internet Information Server is a web server software application and has a set of modules created by Microsoft for use with Windows. The IIS 8, is a new version of the IIS is available only in Windows Server 2012 and the Windows 8. IIS 8.0 includes Application Initialization, centralized SSL certificate support, and multicore scaling on NUMA hardware, among other new features How to install IIS 8 on Windows 8 Step 1 To start installing IIS8 in Windows 8, press the Windows + R. A pop up Run box will appear. Type “appwiz.cpl” and press enter. Step 2 The Program and Features window will open up. On the left hand side, click “Turn Windows features on or off”. Step 3 Now click on the Internet Information Services check box. Step 4 If you are a developer, expand the Internet Information Services option and explore the sub- components also. It installs everything that is required to host a website by default but if you are a developer, there …

Anand SHow to Install IIS 8 on Windows 8

Nokia Asha 210 – Price, Specs and Pictures

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Nokia is busy fighting the top dogs in the Smartphone industry, but it is the top dog in the feature phone market. To further strengthen its position, the Finnish company has launched the Nokia Asha 210, the latest in the Asha series. This phone aimed at the youth who rely heavily on texting and are extremely budget conscious. This is evident from the bright colors, the low price and some interesting features present in this device. The phone comes with a full QWERTY keyboard and is available in both single and dual SIM models. The dual SIM version comes with an EASY SWAP feature which allows the user to change the secondary SIM without switching off the handset. The Asha 210 has a design language similar to the Lumia series and the phone will be available in five different colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White. It supports access to Facebook, Twitter and popular email accounts and also has a YouTube app for direct video streaming. The phone has a soft – touch plastic body and even though it is not a single piece of polycarbonate, Nokia has tried to make it look similar to Lumia series by making the casing …

Anand SNokia Asha 210 – Price, Specs and Pictures

Nokia QWERTY Phone Coming Soon

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I still use a Nokia E5 just for its comfortable QWERTY keyboard. So, when Nokia released the image above along with a teaser about an event to be held tomorrow, I am one of those very few people who are excited about it! “On Wednesday morning at 7am GMT we will be announcing something new, followed by a Q&A session with Neil Broadley from our Mobile Phones team and a special guest,” wrote Ian Delaney on the Conversations by Nokia blog. The image gives the device a rounded design language which the public has now come to associate with the company’s latest feature phones. The image also does show the keys “Z” and “Shift Keys” which implies there is a physical QWERTY keyboard involved. Currently none of the Windows Phone 8 devices come with a hardware keyboard. The Nokia’s Asha feature phones come with a QWERTY and also do closely resemble the design language of the latest Nokia Lumia releases hinting that this is probably an “Asha” model. The market does lack a Windows Phone with a hardware keyboard and if that is due tomorrow then Nokia has the unique opportunity in bridging the gap. But given the strict hardware controls that Microsoft enforces …

Anand SNokia QWERTY Phone Coming Soon

WhatsApp Is Now Bigger Than Twitter

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In 2009, WhatsApp was introduced to the world. Based in Silicon Valley, WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service that saves people from carrier SMS text messaging charges which have been on the rise lately. This app now has more than 200 million active users. The company CEO, Jan Koum, was speaking earlier this week at the Dive into Mobile Conference and has mentioned that they are currently processing 20 billion messages everyday of which 12 billion are outbound and 8 million are inbound. He also announced that “WhatsApp is now bigger than Twitter”. Jan Koum did not share any specific figures though. This almost-free messaging app is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia. Nokia even put a dedicated key on its recently released Nokia Asha 210. WhatsApp is seen as an internet based threat to messaging than as a competitor to social networks like Facebook and Twitter even though some features overlap. Koum has announced that WhatsApp will not be following Facebook and Twitter in carrying advertisement within the app. They intend to keep the subscription model of 1$ per year for the foreseeable future. Koum also denied rumors that the company is in talks with Google to sell …

Anand SWhatsApp Is Now Bigger Than Twitter

‘Braille Phone’ – A Smartphone For The Blind Invented in India

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A phone for the blind. This is mind-blowing! If you ever stopped one moment to think what your life would be like if you were blind, you would realize how important the “Braille Phone” is in empowering the lives of those who are. Unlike the other phones which is usually a modification or a different version of the previously released phones, this phone is a truly innovative idea and is expected to change the lives of the visually impaired for better. Unlike the other phones which are usually a modification or a different version of the previously released phones, this phone is a truly new and innovative and is expected to change the lives of the visually impaired for the better. The technology behind this phone is very interesting. It uses Shape Memory Alloy Technology, which is based on the simple concept that metals remember their original shape and that they can be made to expand and contract to its original shape after use. The phone screen has a grid of pins that move according to the character, letter, number or picture it should represent. It is capable of forming patterns in Braille. This way the blind can touch and …

Anand S‘Braille Phone’ – A Smartphone For The Blind Invented in India
yahoo weather for ios

Yahoo! Weather app for iPhone Launched

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Ever wished you could see how a place would look in different weather conditions? Yahoo!’s latest weather app for iPhone might just be what you were wishing for! Launched earlier this week, Yahoo! Weather for iOS is a beautifully designed app with tons of information and comes integrated with Flickr photos. While there are a lot of apps that give you the weather of any given location across the globe, the integration of stunning Flickr photos combined with an amazing UI makes this app a worthy addition to your iPhone. According to Adam Cahan, Yahoo’s SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products, most of us today read the weather when we look upon the charts but Yahoo! Weather gives the user the opportunity to see the weather, which is something really unique. This app shows Flickr photos from any part of the world giving the user a visual representation of the condition at the place along with the weather data points. Most images are displayed full screen and it can be set to portrait mode and the weather information will be displayed below it. In the landscape mode the there will be not any other information except the name of the …

Anand SYahoo! Weather app for iPhone Launched
recover password windows 7

How to Create, Change, and Recover Your Windows 7 Password

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The most popular Microsoft operating system is Windows 7. Every user wants to keep their PC or laptop from the hands of unauthorized users and also to make sure all their documents and photos or videos are safe. The most commonly used method is to set a password for your PC. A password will prevent another person from using the PC or laptop without the users’ permission. Windows 7 is still one of the most popular operating systems out there even after the launch of Windows 8 which was a huge shift in strategy for Microsoft. While the success of Windows 8 is debatable, Windows 7 is its biggest competitor at the moment. How to create, change and recover a password in the Windows 7?  Creating a password in Windows 7 Go  to the start button and click on the control panel Click on user account and family safety. Click change your windows password from the three options available. Create password for the account. Enter the password and click on the Ok button. The password has been created for your Windows 7 PC. If you ever want to change your password, follow the steps below Press “ctrl+ Alt+delete” and then …

Anand SHow to Create, Change, and Recover Your Windows 7 Password