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Will Apple Ever Make a Bigger iPhone?

With the iPhone 5 Apple introduced a “bigger” screen. My English teacher always said to start any argumentative writing with the opposition’s argument. Apple introduced the iPhone 5 with a 4″ screen, however instead of truly making the screen bigger they just added a few pixels to the top of the screen. The question now is, will Apple ever make a bigger iPhone?

Why Do I Want A Bigger iPhone?

I want a bigger iPhone because I want it to be as easy to type on an iPhone as it is on an Android device. So Apple made the screen bigger last year, what they didn’t do was make it easier to type. To do that they would have had to make the screen wider, which they didn’t want to do because it would have caused even more inconvenience for developers.

My first big screened device was the Motorola Atrix. It, like the iPhone, had a 4 inch screen. Unlike the iPhone, the 4 inches was used to make the device both wider and longer. This made it a dream to type on. I thought at that point that I had found the perfect size for a phone. I could reach all four corners with my man hands, and it was awesome to type on. After that phone I took out a Galaxy S II, it had a 4.5 inch screen. It was even more awesome to type on, though it was a tad too big. I got the 4.3″ version from AT&T and that was the perfect size. Not only could I still reach all four corners, but it was the best typing experience I had ever had on a phone.

To my mind 4.3″ is the exact perfect size for a smartphone. Currently I have a 4.8″ Galaxy S III and I like it a lot, but it is a little too big. I don’t mind too big, but most people do.

What would a 4.3″ iPhone feel like? It would be a pleasure to type on, it would have extra screen real estate both up and down, and still wouldn’t be much wider or taller than the current iPhone 5. In addition the slightly added width and length could be used to increase the amount of battery.

Who Would it Piss off?

A bigger iPhone would piss off people with small hands. That’s why Apple needs to make two different iPhones. One with the current 4 inch screen and one with a bigger screen.Whether that is my 4.3″ suggestion or a 1080p toting 5″ monster that some people would drool over. Or somewhere in between. The days of Apple being able to offer a one-size-fits-all solution are over.

App developers would cry foul as well, though I think they get over it pretty fast. The reason is, if Apple decided to go about making a significantly bigger screened device, they would also come up with an awesome software solution to scale apps to any size screen. There are enough pixels in any retina-enabled app to allow Apple to do something with them.

Google has this type of solution for their tablet apps. It sucks. I would expect that Apple could and would do a much better job. Besides, Apple would not be scaling up an app designed for a 4″ phone to a 7″ inch tablet. They’d be scaling an app for a 4″ phone up to 4.3″ or so. Software wise, this doesn’t sound like that big an obstacle.

What Would this mean for iOS7?

iOS is getting stale. Besides the bigger screen issue, it is the main reason why I left using iOS as my smartphone platform. iOS needs a huge revamp. It is becoming harder and harder for Apple apologists to argue that iOS is great when both Android and Windows Phone are innovating in UI, while Apple is stuck in the last decade.

If Apple decided to go to a bigger screen and introduce a lineup of iPhones instead of their current one device strategy, it could be their opportunity to introduce a lot of different and new concepts to iOS. Whether this is total redesign or just a lot of awesome new features and a new coat of paint, Apple could use the opportunity to change or alter their design language.

Now that Jony Ive is in charge of UI design, we can hope that he is at least considering something new and fresh.


I think this is important for Apple. I know, in my heart, that even if Apple doesn’t do this they will continue to sell a ton of iPhones each quarter. However, I think that they will continue to have the reputation of a company that doesn’t innovate anymore and is stuck with the same old software year in and year out. This will mean that Android will continue to increase in mind share until Apple is left in their little corner, wishing they had done something. They have done this before with the Mac back in the late 80s/early 90s. They had a substantial market share lead, and got comfortable. Microsoft came in with a cheaper product that wasn’t as good, but improved quickly, and Apple was left in the dust.

I beg you, Apple. Don’t let this happen again.

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