iphone 5s rumors roundup

Rumour Roundup: Apple’s iPhone 5S

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iPhone has been one of my favorite devices since it launched even though there has been increasing concerns by everyone from analysts to power users who say that the iPhone is no longer the top phone in terms of features and innovation. I personally believe that the Apple iPhone is a smart phone for the masses unlike android which is for the power users. So, the expected launch of the next edition of the iPhone which will probably be called – iPhone 5s in August has me really excited!

The rumor mill on iphone 5s features is already churning and in this post, I will round up a few things the internet expects about the iPhone 5s when it launches later this year. Let’s begin!

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Anand S

A techie who loves keeping track of the latest and the greatest in the industry.

  • http://matttalkstech.com/ Matt McAuley

    Reading these rumors, it sounds like incremental changes, and nothing earth shattering for the iPhone. They seem to be playing it safe these days and haven’t been at the forefront of pushing innovation like they were a few years ago.

    • TheAnand

      Contrary to the popular belief, Apple never played it risky at all..touchscreen phones were already in the market. Apple just polished it and made it “usable” so to speak. Sample with ipod, same with ipad, same with iwatch…once they push the market to a new high, they supplement it with increments to the OS, the hardware…never reinventing the market unless they really really have to.