More Rumors Leak on iPhone 5S

According to reports released Tuesday,  an analyst at KGI Securities name Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted we will see two new iPhones this year.

He believes both handsets will be released by summer. A “5S”, that will come with a new A7 chip built on the back of the 28nm process, and a cheaper, less sleek version of the 5 we’ve already seen before that still has yet to be named.

When on a conference call with investors, Tim Cook accidentally let it slip that they were excited to bring the “iPod model” to the iPhone line. Up until now the ecosystem has been dependent on one release happening after the other, much like it was back when the iPod first came out. After the line had branched off into enough variants however, the releases started piling on top of each other and we’d see a new Classic, iTouch, and Nano all released on the same day at completely different price points.

iphone 5s
Projected specs on both phones

It’s this release schedule which has led the rumor mill to the idea that the iPhone 5S and “cheaper iPhone 5” will follow the same path. One will take the lead with screaming specs and a price point to match, and the other can bring up the rear as a mid-range option for anyone who wants something affordable, but also not a year or two behind the current technology curve.

The cheaper phone will likely be constructed out of plastic and fiberglass, Kuo predicts, and this is a man who has been right about nearly every move Apple has made since they became a major player over 10 years ago.

No word yet on what kind of strain the demand for two entirely new devices will have on a supply chain that is already under investigation for labor abuses, but if recent developments are any indication I can expect that Apple will be asking them to keep their interns around at least for one or two more product cycles.

Source| The Register

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