iOS Do Not Disturb is down

Apple introduced Do Not Disturb mode in iOS 6. You can now set a time range when your iPhone will not ring, buzz or light up and disturb you. It’s great because the alternative previously was to put your iPhone into Airplane mode which would turn off the cellular and Wifi radios. Otherwise an email or text in the middle of the night would have dire consequences. However the implimentation in iOS 6 was half baked, not completely done, something that Apple is not known for. The option to set a Do Not Disturb time range is great but who has only one time range in a week  when they don’t want to be disturbed? Just like having different alarms people have different time ranges on different days when they don’t want to be disturbed. As an example getting up earlier during the week to go to work but then sleeping in on the weekends. Yes one time range does not cut it and rather than talk about the fact that iOS Do Not Disturb is down. I’m more inclined to think about why it is down?

Yes iOS Do Not Disturb is down even Apple admits to the problem and says it will be back to normal after January 7th. I noticed this over the holidays when my phone kept going off during the night. I looked and my phone was not in Do Not Disturb mode even though it was clearly during the time range. I am running a beta iOS so I figured maybe it was a bug and rebooted my phone a couple of times. Then I just ignored it and this morning I ran into the post linked above that got me thinking. Apple is working on both iOS 6.1 and also iOS 7 and multiple Do Not Disturb ranges is one thing on my list of iOS 7 wants. So are they possibly working on it? Is that why the service is currently down while they fiddle with it, who knows. I’m hopeful it is because I have already been woken quite a few weekends because my Do Not Disturb range ends at 6AM.

Whether this is why iOS Do Not Disturb is down right now or not. Apple give us the ability, just like setting multiple alarms, to set more than one time range. I want a weekday time range, a weekend time range and then a holiday time range. Anyone else with me on this?

Ricky Williams

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