Ubuntu: Operating System for Android

One of the most popular mobile distributions that is utilized by Linux announced a developer preview of its new mobile operating system, Ubuntu. Is available for release on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 on February 21. This new operating system for the Android is being developed by Canonical. It brought one code base to its mobile devices, including tablets and even desktops and TVs.

 Android and The Operating System

It is important to Androidkeep in mind that Canonical has stressed that this is a developer preview and not the finalized code, so it will not be available on majority of devices. Users of the Android should be expecting more details. The new operating system for the Android will be available at the Mobile World Congress later in February in Barcelona. Those who attend can have their phones flashed to the new Android operating system.

This new operating system is intended for enthusiasts and developers. It allows them to port the platform to other devices and supports a wide variety of screen sizes and resolutions. In other words, it is meant to be compatible with as many Android devices as possible.

This release is a new chapter for Ubuntu, which allows for real compatibility between devices. Ubuntu 13.10 will be released in October and will include an entry level smartphone experience. Canonical published a Preview SDK and App Design Guide. This will allow the developers to create a full variety of applications for the new operating system. The beauty of this is that the platform will be able to serve all applications on a single platform.

With all of this, one can hope that it will be far easier to develop applications for the android, by making use of this new operating system. By using what operating system across devices, developers won’t have to worry about individual nuances that may affect these devices. In other words, they will be able to tailor applications to suit the operating system more effectively than having to worry about designing an extra version.

 What Does This Mean For Android?

The release of this new mobile operating system for the android marks the beginning of a new era for the android. This will allow multiple devices to use the same operating system, so as to increase compatibility. This will make it easier for users who want to use more than one device, but maintain a high degree of compatibility between these devices.

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