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Preview: First E Ink Smartphone on Android OS

Earlier this week, at the Mobile World Congress 2013 exhibition, a new and probably the first E Ink smartphone based on the Android OS was previewed. The phone prototype has been unveiled by the Onyx International who has two models in display at the event. The most outstanding and remarkable feature of the phone is that it can run on a single charge for a week and that is amazing for any smartphone in the market today. This smartphone is developed by Taiwanese company E- Ink. To help bring the E- Ink phones to the market, the company is now working with other companies to help bring smartphones to a much lower price point.

A lightweight phone, weighing only 80 gm and expected to be priced at around $200, the smartphone has all the regular functions like the peers. The battery life is amazing, it runs for around 4 weeks as the E Ink screens do not use any power when not actively changing displays.

But with great battery life, comes compromises. Unlike regular smartphone the interface is a little slow and a bit lagging and the display has a lower resolution. It does have a better viewing experience under direct, strong sunlight. Another let down for the smartphone is that it does not have a camera. But since this is not going to be your primary phone by normal definition, the camera will not be missed.

The OS for the E – Ink smartphone is the Android Gingerbread which is probably the reason for the sluggish experience. The phone does not stand a chance with the other smart phones that are now in the market on the comparison of features but the LCD and E- Ink display combo provides its customers the best of both worlds. The LCD will provide smooth video and graphics and the E-Ink Display is perfect for reading and requires only little power.

If you are looking for an android phone with a massive battery life, then this could be something for you. For others, we’d recommend something more “normal” for your daily use, unless of course, you are looking for bragging rights!

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