New Xperia Z bug bypasses lockscreen

Sony has made a triumphant return to the Android smartphone world and spearheading the charge is its latest flagship the Sony Xperia Z. Unfortunately, the device has been plagued with pesky yet substantial problems, last week it was the sudden death syndrome and today we have a Xperia Z bug. The said “bug” is more of a security flaw than a bug, which allows unauthorized individuals to bypass the lockscreen and gain full access to the device.

Earlier today an Xperia Z bug was exposed, allowing other unwanted intruders to gain full control of your Sony Xperia Z. The exploit can easily be replicated by anyone and is quite easy to execute. Simply entering *#*#7378423#*#* or *#*#SERVICE#*#* at the emergency call screen will open a service menu. This emergency number combo is well known code which can be used on any Xperia branded smartphone, but to our knowledge only the Sony Xperia Z is affected by the lock screen bypass.

After entering the number, if the NFC Diag Test is executed and home button is pressed, the Sony Xperia Z will take the intruder directly to the home screen. Not only is the device fully unlocked but it will allow unrestricted access to all the content. Normally the diagnostic service menu is used to find out any problems with the device, so the problem may be just a glitch in the code which is activated when the user presses the home button.

Scott Reed is the guy who initially found about the Xperia Z bug and was kind (or sinister?) enough to post a video showing the Xperia Z bug replicated on his device:

Like always, we urge you to keep your smartphone in your eyesight. After all, no amount of virtual security can stop external intrusion. You are the best bet against such actions. Now that the Xperia Z bug is common knowledge, we advise you to be extra vigilant and avoid handing your beloved smartphone to any untrustworthy individual. There is no word from Sony about the Xperia Z bug, but we are sure that the company will concoct a solution soon.

Bilawal Bashir

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