Lenovo IdeaTab A1000-F listed at FCC

Just a few months back at MWC, Lenovo hinted towards releasing three budget tablets later this year. One of those three tablets was the IdeaTab A1000, the same which has appeared at FCC as the Lenovo IdeaTab A1000-F. While the FCC listing hasn’t revealed any substantial and juicy info about the tablet, we are already quite familiar with what is to come, all thanks to numerous leaks and credible rumors.

The IdeaTab A1000-F is going to be the cheapest of the lot and will be targeted towards the entry level customers. The tablet will pack a 1.2 GHz MediaTek dual core processor, which while lacking in the raw power department, makes up quite nicely with its power efficient ways.  The IdeaTab A1000-F is also supposed to be packing 16 GB of onboard storage; fortunately a microSD card slot will accompany it to satisfy the need of memory expansions. Other than that the 7 inch tablet will feature WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and will come running on Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean.IdeaTab A1000-F

The IdeaTab A1000-F will sport a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. While the specs of IdeaTab A1000-F is nothing but average, we are hopeful that the tablet will be priced aggressively. Lenovo suggested that the IdeaTab A1000-F will be bundled with Dolby Digital Plus technology and will feature two large front facing stereo speakers. This will be great news for the media buffs, but the low screen resolution may diminish the whole video watching appeal of the tablet. So what will the IdeaTab A1000-F cost? Well according to the listed specs, the tablet should be somewhere around the $150 mark. Anywhere above the price mark, the IdeaTab A1000-F will struggle to shift any significant units. After all the Nexus 7’s lowest model is listed at $200 and spending almost the same amount on IdeaTab A1000-F will be unwise. That being said, Lenovo will be aiming to release the IdeaTab A1000-F in near future, we will update you if something solid comes up.

Bilawal Bashir

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  • Gilberto Chulin Jr.

    i bought this tablet 4 days ago. while playing a video, all of a sudden the image froze. it did not shut off until nearly 6 hours after. when i pressed the on/off switch, no response. I took it back to the store where i bought it and the not so nice rep said the tablet was blocked so it won’t come on. I explained to them that we did nothing to the tablet and i cant see how it will be come blocked. Any ideas. they just refused to give a proper answer.